Oppo Showcases its Under-Display Selfie Camera at MWC Shanghai

Oppo Showcases its Under-Display Selfie Camera at MWC Shanghai 1

At MWC Shanghai 2019, where various smartphone developing company introduced various models, OPPO, a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communication company introduced a prototype of a smartphone with an under display selfie Camera. OPPO claims that the algorithm and the technology showcased at the MWC event includes haze removal, HDR and white balance including a bezel-less phone with an unbeatable selfie camera that no other smartphone has to offer.

Speaking more about the design and features of the smartphone, OPPO professed that the display of the smartphone uses a custom transparent material which offers a redesigned pixel structure hence allowing the light to pass through the camera. The company assures that the display area over the underlying camera still functions with touch control and hence one need not worry about display or the image quality. Moreover, the sensor is also professed to be larger than the other selfie cameras, with a wider aperture lens in front.

The image of the prototype showed at the event however exposes that the camera under the display is visible from certain angles. Though the concern still remains the same that putting a screen in front of a camera will, in turn, reduce the photo image quality. For this OPPO says that the image shot with the front cameras is “On par with the mainstream devices”.

In order to know whether the above-mentioned information is valid or not, we will have to wait until the smartphone is launched in the near future. We will only know the pros and cons once we have used the technology for ourselves.

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