OptiShokz Revvez is the Bone Conduction Sunglasses You Should Have

OptiShokz Revvez is the Bone Conduction Sunglasses You Should Have 1

A world where everything seems as fascinating as art & music, fashion has its own fan base. And when you combine fashion with technology it becomes a marvel. It’s quite astonishing but we found as such device that trendy and smart. The OptiShokz Revvez is a smart shade, combines the technology of two worlds – Audio and Optics into one. It uses the elementary concept of sound vibrations travelling through a medium and also provides premium protection for eyes. The Revvez sunglasses use proven and patented AfterShokz Bone Conduction technology to provide a distinguishable and unique audio experience.

How does it work?

The revolutionary Bone Conduction technology being offered by AfterShokz works using the concept of sound vibrations travelling through our eardrums and bones simultaneously to produce the sound we hear. The OptiShokz Audio Sunglasses take this concept to the next level where Bone Conduction transducers guide mini vibrations from behind the ear to the inner ear through ear cartilage.

This technology aims to provide unrivalled ambient sound awareness and comfort as there is no plugging or covering of ear. The company uses its own PremiumPitch+™ technology with patented dual suspension transducers to moderate and enhance the pitch of the audio. The high-tech LeakSlayer™ sound technology suppresses natural sound leakage to enjoy the audio experience discreetly.



  • Best-in-class Bone Conduction Audio
  • Behind the ear transducers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • UV400 Polycarbonate interchangeable lenses
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • IP-55 Rated sweat and water resistance
  • Interchangeable nosepieces
  • Lightweight TR90 nylon frame

I want it

If you are in the market for a good pair of earphones and sunglasses, then the OptiShokz Revvez Audio Sunglasses are one of the best combinations of both in the market. These have huge practical applications for a wide range of outdoor activities such as running, cycling and even driving for enjoying unobstructed music and taking a hands-free call on the move. The interchangeable nosepieces and lenses provide a comfortable fit for your face and give a unique style. The bendable PivotPoint arms of the sunglasses ensure gentle contact between the transducers and the ears and provide a comfortable and customizable fit.  The long battery life and optimized audio experience make these sunglasses as you’ve never heard before.


The OptiShokz Revvez Audio Sunglasses are available for $99 with a warranty of 2 years from IndieGogo. The product will be shipped to Super Early Bird backers first starting from June 2019 according to IndieGoGo. The backers will be able to get the gadget at exclusive prices that won’t be offered again commercially.

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