Orkut Founder Launched a New Social Media Named “Hello”

Orkut founder launched a New Social Media Named Hello

Orkut was a social networking website owned and operated by Google. Long before when Facebook was not there, Orkut was the one and only social network that was a fad among many Indians. Orkut Buyukkokten, a former Google employee who founded orkut.com 10 years ago, has launched a new social network named “Hello” in India. India had the second highest number of Orkut users. Gradually, it was shut down in September 2014 but now Orkut is making a comeback in India under a new name “Hello”.

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Orkut Buyukkokten said, “Passions are often the start of our conversations in real life. Today’s online networks force people to treat each other totally differently from how they would behave face-to-face. Technology should help us become more understanding, more optimistic, kinder and better people. We designed hello to help you make connections in the real world. It’s a social network built on loves not likes, and I’m delighted to say hello to India once again.”

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Hello, the app is for iOS and Android both which brings people together socially. Hello makes it easy to connect and make conversations with different people who have same interests. It comes with similar features that we have on Facebook which has the ability to create and join communities. The app is currently in beta phase. It is free in the app store and Google play and is available for iOS 9 and KitKat for android. Hello, the app lets us discover new friends all around the world and share your creations, experiences, ideas and build connections.

Hello is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, France and Brazil. Germany, Mexico and India are expected to get the app later this month. Users can buy and spend virtual hello coins to post anonymously beside finding hidden personality tests. When you post something on the app, you have to assign that content to at least one of the five persons you follow. Hello uses learning algorithm same as Facebook.

After the recent Facebook massive data scandal, users are trying to find alternatives to Facebook and hello seems to give a tough competition in the social networking space. It has nearly 10,000 app users within 2 weeks of the platform’s beta launch in India.

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