Pack your Lunch in Style with Smart Prepd Pack Lunch Box

Pack your Lunch in Style with Smart Prepd Pack Lunch Box 1

For a college student, high school kids, office or an outdoor worker, lunch plays a vital part in everyone’s banal life. Eating homemade lunch at work is considered as a healthy diet but if the same person eats junk food on a regular basis, well we all know what are the adverse effects of junk food is.

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So, to make things easy and healthy for working people, school, and college students, a smart and beautifully crafted lunch box is designed named as Prepd Pack-“The lunch box re-imagined”. Prepd Pack is the lunch box you won’t be ashamed to carry and is one of the best lunch box ever made by bearing in mind the health of an individual as a prime goal.

How does the Prepd Pack lunchbox works?

These lunch boxes are not only used to carry your food but also used to plan, prepare and track the nutritional value of your lunches with the help of smart recipe app called Prepd App. The app prepares your lunch schedule for weeks ahead. The app also takes care of organising shopping list, so know what to buy as soon as you enter the grocery.


  • Prepd-Pack consists of a beautifully designed case, a premium modular system of the container and smart magnetic cutlery.
  • Containers are food-safe and completely leak proof.
  • PREPD App is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • PREPD App can also be used for tracking the number of calories intake and the data is stored in the app, so you can get feedback on your diet whenever required.

Why should one go for Prepd Pack lunchboxes?

Prepd Pack - The Lunchbox ReimaginedIf you are health conscious then this lunch box is best for you, as it plans and prepares the food that is best for you. In addition to Prepd-Pack boxes, you will be one of the smartest guys at the office or at your school and college.


The product is available on the official site of prepd-box. The price of one Prepd Pack lunch box is 79 USD. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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