Purelogic introduces Motorised Prana Air Motion Mask

Purelogic introduces Motorised Prana Air Motion Mask

Controlling the polluted air is difficult but not the air we inhale! Yes, you read it correctly. Purelogic Labs has set forth India’s first motorised air mask named as Prana air motion mask. This mask provides protection from the harmful haze and air pollutants both indoors and outdoors thereby leaving you to inhale the good quality of air.

The Prana motion air mask is equipped with more than 30 parts that have anti-microbial and anti-allergic qualities. It has been manufactured keeping in the mind the comfortableness of a user, the adjustable foam head strap fits on all head sizes. There is no odour or reacting component that makes the skin itchy. The powerful motor calibrated into the mask produces up to 2L/s air volume in comparison to the average human intake of 0.5L/s. The motor used in the mask helps in generating the right pressure to keep your airways open so that you can breathe in and out easily. This motor comes with three-speed settings in the form of a toggle switch that will help you to set the level of air according to your activity like walking, jogging or running.

The Prana air motion mask has a medical silicon grade which takes the shape of your face, leaves no space for the air to come in from anywhere other than the filter. The filters in the mask stop the dust particles ranging from PM1 to PM 2.5. There are 3 different kinds of filters in the mask planted with 5 more layers. There is a pre-filter which stops the big particles of the dust. The mask also features 2 layers of activated carbon eliminating toxic gas and 2 layers of HEPA filters stopping dust particles up to PM1.

There are micro ventilators that open and close while inhaling and exhaling, supplies you the cleanest of clean air to breathe, as told by Purelogic. The colour variants of the mask are classic white, lively pink and vibrant grey. The cost of this mask is Rs.3490/-.A USB cable, a protective cover for the mask and an extra replaceable filter is included in the MRP of the mask.

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