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How can Established and Emerging Gaming Channels utilize QR code for Marketing?

Everyone love gaming and these days merging Gaming Channels utilize QR code for Marketing. If there’s one thing people like to enjoy during their leisure time, that would be playing some of the games that we usually enjoy right on our phones or gaming consoles.

And with the excitement and thrill, most people enjoy when winning every game they play, a whole new industry dedicated to gaming rises in the mid-2010s.

Justin TV launched a video game streaming app called Twitch in 2011 and amassed 8 million viewers with that growth. This video game streaming became an instant hit to the gaming community and raked up more viewers and users throughout the years.

In 2020, statista reported that Twitch has an active 41.6 million users in the United States alone and is responsible for 22.87% of the app’s desktop traffic worldwide.

The Gaming Industry Era

Replication game mode in VALORANT

By seeing the potential the gaming industry can provide to the whole world, the hopes of rising through fame in the gaming community can be foreseen. The requirements you will need to have are your exquisite skills in gaming and the charm of getting more people to watch your streams on Twitch and other video game streaming channels like Facebook Gaming and Youtube.

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But with many skilled gaming influencers enjoying the praise and encouragement they receive from their viewers, your journey towards becoming a gaming influencer can be rough and challenging.

To ensure that you dominate the gaming world, you will need to arm yourself with every sword and shield you can find. For this case, you will need a better tool to promote your gaming channel to the community.

And to do that, video game streamers can mirror what business marketers are using today to better promote their product or service. That is to promote yours with the use of a two-decade and a half-year-old wireless technology called QR codes.

How can established and emerging gaming channels utilize the use of QR code for Marketing?

With competition changing up their promotions tactics to stay on top, beginners and even established gaming influencers struggle to gather more viewers or maintain the number of support they get.

As gaming can be serious as doing business marketing, keeping the gaming channels up and about is something that aspiring influencers should bear in mind.

Since QR codes can make the job easier, here are some simple ways established and emerging gaming channels can utilize QR codes in their channel promotions.


If you are an established video game streamer and are now earning money with your merchandise and other staff, placing QR codes with it can help you boost your gaming channels followers and views.

And for you to do that, you will need to open a QR code generator with a logo to create custom-designed QR codes. Through this, you can hit two birds with one store by upgrading your merch design with QR codes and letting the people who see them scan the QR code and subscribe to your channel.

Social Media Posts and Clips

QR code for Marketing
QR code for Marketing

As content virality is the key to gaining more views and support from people around the gaming community, established and emerging game influencers can boost their channels by posting gaming clips and trailers on their social media handles.

And since people get to enjoy small clips of your gameplays in your recent streams, they tend to forget to read the captions and click the link of your full gameplay.

Because of that, gaming influencers are getting less traffic in their main gaming channel. To remedy this issue, they can place the QR code at the end of the video and let the viewers scan the code to go directly to the full gameplay video.

Gaming Tips

People watch videos that help educate them with every concept or thing they find difficult to get by. In gaming, the same principle is considered by gaming influencers.

But as not all viewers have the time to take notes about them, video game streamers create a PDF of their gameplay settings and share them with their loyal followers.

And to share them easily, they can utilize a PDF QR code to store their gaming tips, where interested gamers can scan the code and view the content easily.


Since more people are now into gaming, a new line of influencers is trying their best to give out the best gaming experience for people who are currently playing a specific game and more.

But as the competition in the gaming influencing gets serious, some influencers are trying their best to make the most out of their gaming channel promotions.

With technology making gaming promotions easier, established and emerging gaming influencers can utilize a QR code generator online to create QR code for Marketing.

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