Realme Buds 2 Wired Headphones Launched in India at Rs. 599

Realme Buds 2 Wired Headphones Launched in India at Rs. 599 1

At an event in New Delhi today, Realme unveiled two of its latest smartphones and along with the smartphones the brand also unveiled its latest and new Realme Buds wired headphones.  We often struggle with tangles earphones. But now with Realme ear buds, the brand claims that these ear buds will offer improve sound quality and a better design that would solve the problem of tangled cable.

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 The earbuds are named as Realme Buds 2 and they are just the successor of the company’s original Readme Buds that were launched in December 2018. Readme Buds 2 are priced at Rs 599 and will go on sale from September 4 via website. The ear buds will be available on various online and offline platforms from September 11 onwards.

 Realme Buds 2 feature 11.2mm bass boost driver, multi-layer composite diaphragm, and Japan Daiko voice coil and a 3.5mm plug, so these can be used with any smartphone or other mobile device that comes with a 3.5mm audio jack.


  1. Realme Buds 2 are the most stylish, user friendly and durable wired earphones.
  2. The earbuds come with a cable organiser and a built-in magnets to stop the headphones cable from tangling.

Apart from Realme Buds 2 the company also launched two accessories”

  1. Realme Iconic case for Realme 5 series smartphone priced at Rs. 399
  2. Realme tote bag priced at Rs. 1,199

At the event Realme also teased that its 64-MP camera phone will be called Realme XT and will be officially launched in late September.

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