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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Buying Fake Instagram Followers


Imagine how beneficial it would be to have thousands of followers like and support your brand on Instagram? It would give you a larger audience, increase your value, and promote your brand awareness. The question is, how far are you willing to go to get this?

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Buying Instagram followers is a very simple process. I’m sure you have come across these ads once or twice while using the social media platform. These ads like “Buy Instagram followers easy and quick” or “click here to buy Instagram followers” can be tempting but know that most can’t be trusted.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Fake Instagram Followers 

  • Zero Engagement with Your Account: Since most of the Instagram followers you purchased are not real people, you can’t expect any real engagement from them. Sometimes, the best engagement that you get from such accounts is an automated”nice post” comment or a thumbs-up emoji on virtually every one of your posts. This does not bode well for you as a brand or an influencer.

Your Instagram followers should be able to engage your posts read, give constructive comments, and use the share button.

  • Instagram Purges or Deactivates Fake Followers: Instagram seeks to offer its members the best user experience, and fake followers have to be removed in order to achieve that. Instagram searches for fake accounts and purges them on a regular basis. You may not have paid much for those accounts, but it would really be disappointing to buy Instagram followers only for them to disappear soon after.
  • Fake Followers Destroy Your Credibility as a Brand: As a brand, your audience should be able to relate with your posts, make comments, and share it when necessary. If you have 5000 followers but your Instagram posts only get 2 comments, then whoever comes to your page won’t consider you to be credible as there’s no actual engagement with your followers. Your followers have to engage with you to show that you’re influencing them. If they don’t, the credibility of your brand is destroyed.
  • You Won’t Earn a Dime with Fake Followers: When you buy Instagram Followers, most of the time, they’re normally fake bot followers, not real ones. This is a major reason why buying Instagram followers is tricky. You will definitely not make any sale with people who do not purchase your products because the accounts are fake. They can’t refer you to other customers because they are not real people. With the rate Instagram purges fake accounts, the amount spent on purchasing these fake bots would be wasted.
  • Buying Fake Instagram Followers Affects Your Performance Metrics: How can you accurately measure if your audience is identifying with your brand when the number of real accounts is less? It’s practically impossible to do so. How do you figure out if your target audience relates to the post if the bot accounts distort the facts? If you don’t know how your audience engages with your post, then you cannot really convert them to customers.

There are many companies that provide real Instagram followers. If you want to buy followers on Instagram, then only buy from trusted service providers.

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Having real active followers leads to trust and brand awareness. It also boosts your sales and puts your business right at the top of the market. Real followers are all you need. Fake accounts will do more harm than good.

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