How to play the new Replication game mode in VALORANT

Replication game mode in VALORANT

Replication game mode in VALORANT is the latest update that you must play. The rules are different, the points system is interesting, and the results awards both the winners and the losers. These differences are probably shocking, but in Replication, if your team wins, they get excellent points. Also, if they lose the game, they’ll still get some impressive points.

According to Kylie Powell, a game designer at Riot, “Replication features some funny game-breaking plays all through the battle. But the fun part is that players must discover them to win the game. This is to make the new mode exciting enough to keep you seated and jumping at once.

So, if you’re all fired up to play the Replication Mode in Valorant, keep reading this article. We will share the rules of the game, how you will play it, and some tricks to add up your sleeves.

How to play the new Replication game mode in VALORANT

Replication game mode in VALORANT
Replication game mode in VALORANT

The important rules of the new mode include:

  • Agents

The agents of each team must be the same. This means that if the opposing team chooses to play Phoenix, the whole team will be made up of five Phoenix. This is applicable to other agents. Not the catch is that if the attacking team is playing Phoenix, the defending team will be playing another agent, say, Breach. So, five Phoenix will be attacking five Breach.

But to pick the agent to play, the team will take a vote, and the agent that almost everyone picks will be the winner. They’ll pick the agent to play at the beginning of every round.

  • Credits

Every team gets 900 points after the first rounds, plus some light shields and pistols. After the second round, the teams get 2400 credits plus light shields and specter. Then after the third round, they’ll get 3900 credits and phantom, heavy shields, and vandal.

For the fourth round, the teams will be rewarded with 6000 credits plus heavy shields and operators.

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The most interesting aspect about credits is that each team will get them whether they win or lose the round. So, that’s a commendable development.

  • Weapons and Abilities

In Replication, each team can replenish their abilities, shields, and weapons before starting a round. The ultimate will not be replenished per round, but every team will get one Ultimate point at the beginning of every round except in an overtime round.

  • Flashguard

Flashguard will protect players from being flashed for 5 minutes following two successive flashes in 4 seconds. This means that if an enemy blinds you twice within four seconds, you will get a guard that will shield you for five minutes against it. But remember, after 5 minutes, you’re vulnerable. However, Flashguard makes this agent versus agent battle a bit bearable.

  • Experience Points

In Replication, players get XP after every round. There will 100XP for the first round, second round, third and fourth round. Then if a team wins any rounds, they’ll get 200XP for their win plus the 100XP.

How to play Valorant Replication Mode

The game starts with the team voting on the agent to play. There are up to 15 agents to choose from in Valorant, such as Sage, Astra, Reyna, Breach, Raze, Brimstone, Phoenix, Cypher, Omen, Jett, Killjoy, Yoru, Skye, Viper, and Sova.

Each of these agents has four abilities with one ultimate ability. Being an agent versus agent mode, if your team chose Sova, the whole team would be five Sova fighting against maybe five Phoenix.

Once the vote is complete, the game begins. It follows the “best of nine rounds” format, and after round four, the team swaps sides.  But you must expect chaos, aggression, and armed opponents.

Also, there’s a possibility of both teams playing the same agent. That should be interesting. Thankfully, the teams can utilize the “Flashguard” feature to enjoy some easy minutes.

Replication hacks for a sure win

  • Save your Ultimate ability

Ultimate abilities are scarce in Replication.  Other abilities are replenished after every round, except the Ultimate. So, use those other character abilities and save the Ultimate for a critical situation.

  • Strategize

This game mode is unique. This means that your team must plan your attack or defence strategy against the name to win. Try several approaches to playing your agents to get the most results out of them.

  • Understand the abilities of every agent

Know the strength and weaknesses of every agent. The knowledge will help you to play them tactically.


Riot Games wants players to have fun and maybe win too in Replication. So, don’t just focus on the wins but also the fun. Play the game with vigor, not caring about the losses, since your get points and credit even if you win or lose.

But if you want your team to emerge the winners, employ some industry-standard Valorant hacks to improve your gameplay.

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