Rikaian Technology has Created a new AI Powered Translator

How Can AI Advance EdTech

A Pune based company, Rikaian Technology Pvt Ltd innovated Rian to create jobs by simplifying end-to-end translation process. Rian is a solution that reduces the cost of translation in a simple, effective and fast manner. Rian came into effect to deal with the problem that English does not get translated into local languages due to high translation costs. This platform will help create job opportunities in local languages.

Rian is an Artificial Intelligence powered platform that helps in speeding up the translation process by automatically translating the body of the text, where refinements need to be completed with the high-quality human review.

Gautam Kulkarni, COO of the company said,” We know that overcoming language barriers is not only a matter of technology. Rian, therefore, is providing holistic end-to-end solutions, streamlining the best combination of people, processes, tools, and data.”

Anandsagar Shiralkar is the founder of Rian and head of Rikian Technology, who set out to develop the tools that will help both globalization and local communities to thrive. The use of Artificial Intelligence and automation in language conversion with technological advances are changing how the translators work. Rian’s translation software allows users to convert a variety of document types into 40 major Indian and foreign languages. It also features online training, email and lives support for Rian users.

Pavan Agrawal, co-founder and head of the strategy said,” The efficiency and efficacy of this tool, powered by machine and human collaboration, is providing lucrative careers – even for those who are new to translation.”

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