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Robert Downey Jr. Blames ‘Assistant’ for Mistakenly Tweeting From a Huawei Phone, Instead of a OnePlus 7 Pro


Mistakes are done by everyone but very few people have the guts to own up for their mistakes, and a mistake is more noticeable when it is done by a celebrity. Every individual on social media has an eye on the posts of celebrities. Recently Robert Downey Jr was seen promoting OnePlus 7 on Weibo. But the tragic part was that post was made using OnePlus’s competitor smartphone, Huawei P30 Pro.   Before the post can be deleted most of the people had already taken the screenshots.

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The Hollywood actor and the best superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr dealt with this situation as calmly as he could. He explained his side of the story and claimed that his assistant uploaded the post on his Weibo account and that it is the time to upgrade to the OnePlus 7 Pro. He also added that it will be great if he upgrades his assistant to a new OnePlus 7 Pro so that the mistakes don’t happen again.  Robert Downey Jr very smartly got over this situation whereas last year, Gal Gadot was trolled by the twitter police force because she used an iPhone to promote a Huawei device on twitter. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was also spotted using an iPhone to promote Google Pixel.

There have been many such instances where celebrities have been trolled for such mistakes. Robert Downey Jr could have been one of them too. But, by taking the ownership of his mistake and giving the assurance to the audience that such mistakes will not happen again in future, Ironman won the hearts, AGAIN!!

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