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Rolex: eight innovations that make a difference

Everyone knows Rolex but not all of them know the main reason why Rolex is leading the world luxury watch market. Why has Rolex continued to lead for years? Of course, there are reasons and in this article, we will describe 8 innovations that make Rolex so different.

More than 400 patents have been filed since home construction in 1926 … Often copied, Rolex relies on innovation to stay one step ahead. Rolex continued to challenge itself, as did its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. To show the tightness of his watch, he did not hesitate in 1927 to entrust Mercedes swimmer Gleitze during the Strait crossing or to dive into the aquarium in the windows of various shops. Since then, this brand watchmaker has developed its technological superiority. Here are eight that are present in almost the entire range, regardless of price.

– Strict. With precision and autonomy, it was the first challenge for Hans Wilsdorf when he decided to design a watch. The origin of 100 meters has now risen to 15,000 meters, when James Cameron, the third person just to try adventure, dropped in 2012 in the Marianas Trench. The secret? Ice and bezel screw up the case. And, to reach the abyssal depth, “the introduction of a ring between the ice and the titanium base that allows it to withstand pressure”.

– Steel 904L. Rolex’s strength is to control the entire production chain. They prefer steel used in space compared to 316 steel which is commonly used in watchmaking. More expensive, more difficult to do, requires a new process, a new engine, but it offers better resistance to corrosion.

– Parachrom hairsprings. Rolex is the only manufacturer that uses, for the main elements of this men’s watch, is finer than hair, this alloy consists of zirconium and niobium, which allows ten times more precision, less sensitive to magnetic fields and temperature differences, and more surprises hold it down. Parachrom hairsprings allow the watch to be ten times more accurate. Sky-Dweller is available for the first time in the gray Rolesor version: 904L steel case and Command Ring ring coated in gray gold.

– Bezel fluted ring command. This makes it possible to easily control the functions of the watch with a simple rotation, thus offering the simplicity of exceptional comfort adjustments.

– Chronicle Muffler. Using electroforming, Rolex has designed lighter and more functional wheels, which have increased power reserves by up to ten hours. Rolex Explorer 2 is one of the best examples.

– Everose. Rolex produces its own gold, an alloy that combines titanium continuously to maintain its pink hue.

– The Oyster Flex. Inside the steel link bracelet, the watchmaker has inserted a titanium and nickel shaped memory rod that makes the bracelet unable to break and cannot break.

– Superlative certificate. More demanding than the criteria imposed by COSC, the highest certification, Rolex has created its own reliability criteria. The entire range cannot vary from +2 to – 2 seconds per day. A requirement that allowed them to become the first producer to guarantee their watch five years.

Rolex is one of the best examples of how a luxury watch manufacturer continues to innovate to be at the forefront. Of course, Rolex is not the only producer with continuous innovation. There are several other Swiss producers who do the same thing. They all have one goal, to win the market with innovation that brings more benefits to their clients. Hopefully, this article can provide you with a new insight into why Swiss luxury watch manufacturers remain a reference for the development of the world watch industry.

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