Samsung Galaxy J’s social camera 📷, What’s new?


Samsung India has launched the new Galaxy J7 Max and Galaxy J7 Pro. The new successor of the prevalent Galaxy J Series. The dual-sim device Galaxy J7 Max and J7 Pro comes with a chic metal Uni-body design and features technologies like all-new Social Camera.

So, are you tired of sharing same pictures on different social networking apps repeatedly? If yes, then Samsung J’s Social Camera is just for you. This great app not only reduces the hectic process of uploading the same picture again and again but also saves our valuable time.

Social Camera features include:

Instant sharing & editing

  • Users can pin their favourite social networking apps within the camera interface.
  • Pictures clicked here are automatically sent to pre-pinned social platforms or contacts.
  • Before sharing, users can edit pictures with advanced editing tools in the Social Camera.

Instant Customization

  • With Social Camera, one can easily customise the pictures with photo-enhancing filters and amusing stickers which add to the beauty of the picture taken.

Augmented Reality

  • Along with instant sharing & customization, Social Camera also provides the experience of augmented reality. Augmented reality gives interactive and digitally manipulative information about surrounding the real


  • The Social Camera works on all new camera module of 13MP front and rear combination.
  • An f1.7 lens on the rear and f1.9 lens on the front camera helps the user to take amazing pictures even in dimly lit areas.

So if you are a photogenic person, then Samsung Galaxy J7 Max and J7 Pro is just the phone for you.

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