Samsung Galaxy S6 No Longer Gets Updates


The end of the latest versions of Android such as Oreo being available for smartphones dating back to Samsung’s Galaxy S6. Why the S6 is still worth considering.

The latest Android operating platform not available for 2015 smartphone

Owners of the over three-year-old Samsung Galaxy S6 are unable to download Oreo, the latest version of the Android mobile operating platform, as the S6 is no longer supported for operating system updates. This three-year cut off point for Samsung smartphones being able to run new software seems to be common now.

Regular updates to Android

The Android platform tends to receive regular annual overhauls with Oreo having appeared for the first time in August 2017.

As with other versions of Android, Oreo took its time to appear on Android phones on a wider scale as the various manufacturers using the Google designed mobile platform adhered to their specific routines in readying their phones for the new software. By April of 2018, less than 5% of Android handsets in use had Oreo installed.

Nougat should be sweet enough

This compares markedly with Android’s main foe, iOS – Apple’s mobile platform powering the iPhone. When Apple release a new version of iOS, it’s available immediately to all iPhones and iPads capable of running it and users are notified via their handsets that a new operating system is ready to download.

Owners of the Samsung S6 and those considering one as a good value way of acquiring a modern handset shouldn’t be concerned about non-compatibility with the latest operating software release as the S6 can comfortably run Nougat, the predecessor to Oreo. This had a relatively recent update at the end of 2017 having only been released in the summer of the same year, so the S6 isn’t exactly miles behind the times.

Grab yourself a bargain

While three years is considered a long time in tech terms, nevertheless the S6 certainly isn’t a relic from a bygone era and shares much with current Galaxy phones and undoubtedly offers superb value as a used option.

At present around £120.00 buys you a refurbished Galaxy S6 and thus a very well appointed smartphone including the following:

  • AMOLED screen – superior to LCD in providing deeper and richer colors; Apple only began offering AMOLED screens for the iPhone in late 2017 – and even then only on the top of the range ‘X’ version with its four-figure price tag
  • Various color choices – including blue, black and gold
  • Top class camera – the camera on a Samsung smartphone is one of the very best available; the one fitted to the S6 is no exception and can take excellent pictures
  • Fingerprint scanner – the S6 was the first Samsung smartphone to use fingerprint recognition; an effective and quick way to unlock the phone and apps
  • Wireless charging – a convenient way of charging the phone; only offered on iPhones for the first time in autumn 2017

A step forward for Samsung

Certain smartphone releases mark a significant change of direction for their maker, and the S6 was certainly a game changer for Samsung. It moved the Galaxy S range firmly upmarket in featuring a case made of the more upmarket materials of metal and glass as opposed to the plastic cases of previous models.

This had the effect of elevating the Galaxy S range to true premium product status and, while there was a price tag to match, this is irrelevant when taking advantage of low prices when buying used.

It’s a truism when buying tech with a relatively short shelf life for the latest version that it’s often far more cost effective to buy ‘behind’ the latest releases so making the most of modern tech yet spending comparatively little.

There’s no doubt a smartphone like the Galaxy S6 represents a perfect balance of modern technology for bargain money; if you don’t really require the very latest tech, the S6 is a very sound choice and will serve you well for a year or two.

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