Nirvana Being launches idMask2 Air Pollution Mask

Nirvana Being launches idMask2 Air Pollution Mask

In a world of increasing pollution, there are a few companies that are taking actions to help people combat the pollutants. Nirvana Being is one such company that is bringing out products such as Central Purification Systems, Air Purifiers, Vogmasks and the newest in their range of products is the idMASK2. There are various combinations in which the idMASK2 can be bought – the mask itself costs Rs. 3,000, mask and the set of 4 filters costs Rs. 4,000 and with the shield, the price goes up to Rs. 4,900. The idMAsk2 can be bought from the Nirvana Beings’ web stores on Amazon and the Nirvana Being flagship store in Khan Market.

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The idMASK2 helps in bypassing all the pollutants present in the air before inhaling. The mask uses patented filter technology which uses Electrostatic Cloud filters that can catch the particles from PM 2.5 down to PM 0.3. The mask comes with a silicone facial seal to keep the dirty air out and avoid irritation. The mask is lightweight to avoid itchiness and maintains the comfort for the user. The mask is supposed to filter out 95 per cent of particles with comfortable air flow.

The idMASK2 has been designed specially to be worn during rigorous and exhausting activities such as bicycling, running, football, tennis, cricket and various intensive sports. At the launch, Founder of Nirvana Being, Jai Dhar Gupta, said “As a sports person and as a parent, every time my boys or I would engage in sports in Delhi’s air, I would be deeply conflicted/concerned.  Not anymore – with the idMask2, I have been running outdoors again, the past 6 weeks, after a gap of 4 years, and I feel absolutely safe and secure.  Sport is absolutely essential for growth and development; with the idMask2 I am ecstatic that kids and adults will have the highest level of protection – while we work on a broader change to make our ambient air safe again.”

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The mask offers very low breathing resistance with its ergonomic design. idMASK2 protects from particles like asbestos, soot, pollen, cement, bacteria, mould, heavy metals and viruses. The mask comes in three different sizes – L, M and Kids with white, black and pink as different colour options. The idMASK2 shield starts from Rs. 1,200 and the filters start from Rs. 1,700.

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