Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Tab 6 along with Galaxy Note 10


Samsung is going to unveil all-new tablet, Galaxy Tab 6 along with Galaxy Note 10 at an event in New York City on August 7. Most of the specifications of Galaxy Tab 6 has already been leaked but as per the latest news, the Galaxy Tab 6 will be offered with a detachable keyboard that can turn your tab into laptop whenever required. The keyboard will be attached to the tablet in a landscape mode. Not only this much, but the keyboard case also features a kickstand so that the users can adjust the angle of the screen according to them.

Considering all the leaked information, we now have some idea about the hardware specs of the tab. Galaxy Tab 6 will be shipped with a display of 10.5-inch Super AMOLED. The screen is rumoured to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. If this news is true, then Galaxy Tab 6 will be the first tab to have the in-display sensor. It operates on Snapdragon 855 chipset and is backed-up by a battery of 6,840mAh and offers dual cameras.

The previously leaked information also informs about the design of the tab. As per the info, the S Pen will be housed within a groove on the back of the device.  This sort of design sounds weird but as far as it is offering protection to the camera lenses, it is pretty much a good design to be considered. Apart from protecting the camera lenses, the S Pen will be Bluetooth-enabled and will also support wireless charging.

However, there are no such rumours regarding the cost of this unique featured table. We will have to wait until the device is being launched or the internet gets flooded with the rumored cost of the device. So, stay tuned for more information.

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