Scan Made Fast and Easy with Pup Pocket Scanner

Scan Made Fast and Easy with Pup Pocket Scanner

The vision of PupScan was created by Renaud Pelissier and its prototyping was done in December 2015 at Usine IO. Pup is the very first smart scanner which is connected to the cloud and is very compact and lightweight. It provides easy usage by a simple button and contains many features like auto-crop, auto-rotate, auto-compress etc.

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How it works?

 The Pup scanner works in 2 easy steps. The first step is to choose a scenario and the second step involves fitting the laser to the pages you want to scan and then press the button. The document is now ready and is on its way to its storage.


  • Its wireless and can scan pages from A3 to A8.
  • No Luminous halo because of anti-reflection.
  • Smart LED and Lasers lead to perfect lightings in all conditions and independency from table’s color respectively.
  • Advanced features include Auto-upload, Sharpness Control, Curve Fixing and High level Security.
  • Battery life of 12 hours.
  • It weighs 200 g and has 10,000 pages of offline memory.
  • Easy conversion of OCR to Word Excel.

Why you should buy it?

Scan Made Fast and Easy with Pup Pocket Scanner

The CLAPWAY published “The crazy tech gadgets from James Bond are becoming a reality” for the Pup smart scanner. It’s very easy and handy to use. It allows you to capture day to day images and lets you save and store your contracts. Besides saving the scanned documents or pictures, you can also share the scanned images to other people.


So far the product is available on a pre-order basis, for more information on the launch check out their Indegogo campaign. As far as we know, the pricing of the device is 299$.

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