Sense – Smart Sensor with Push Alerts

Sense - Smart Sensor with Push Alerts

Sense is a device with smart sensors that are capable of learning about you and your environment.  Sense comes with smart push alerts features which allows the device to send notification that may contain useful information and suggestions about the various changes in the environment.  Due to the presence of multiple sensors and machine learning algorithms, this tiny device is capable of recording various atmospheric conditions like temperature, moisture, air pressure, light intensity, noise level and CO2 level.

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How does Sense works?

You just have to pair Sense with your smartphone via Bluetooth and the setup is completed. The users will be notified about every detail at each and every moment because of the Smart Alert feature.  You can change the settings and configure conditions accordingly by yourself.  This device is built around BLE technology. The Microbot cloud is responsible for enabling remote monitoring, integration with other services and the “Find my Microbot” feature.


  1. Due to the small size of Sense, it is quite easy to carry it anywhere.
  2. If you allow the device to sense longer and longer it will provide you with accurate values.
  3. Sense can also look after your laundry and will notify you when it finishes.
  4. This device can also inform you about the polluting air which may be caused due to the air conditioning used inside the car.
  5. The noise sensor used in this device can detect the knocking sound and will let you know when someone is at door.
  6. You can also share your environment data with your friends so that they are benefited from the real-time weather.

Why should one go for Sense?

Sense - Smart Sensor with Push AlertsYou don’t actually have to actively use it. You just need to carry it with you or leave it somewhere and it will function automatically and will notify you about the environment and air quality, hence saving your time and providing you ease. Also, this device will track the health of your home.


Sense smart sensor is available on, at a minimal price of 43 USD. So, grab it ASAP.

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