Serafim Keybo: World’s Most Advanced Projection Keyboard

Serafim Keybo: World's Most Advanced Projection Keyboard

One problem that we all face whenever we buy a new smartphone is getting adjusted to its keyboard. Moreover, most of us are finding it a bit easier to type on desktop or laptop keyboard since their size is optimum for us. In order to have the same typing experience even with smartphones, we might have something that can help.

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Serafim Keybo is the world’s first advanced projection keyboard. It’s not just a virtual keyboard but also a piano and much more.

How does itWork?

The device is quite handy, you have to settle it on a flat surface, place your cell phone over it and done. It projects 1.5″ keyboard of your phone to a 12″ keyboard on that surface. It also has a USB port through which you can charge your device.

The device is capable of projecting not only a keyboard but also a virtual piano. The Infrared Sensors helps to determine your input and gives output accordingly.


  • Virtual keyboard comes with multiple languages layout, here you can choose from English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (2017 update: French, German and Japanese added)
  • It comes with Virtual Musical Studio containing more than 4 musical instruments like piano, guitar, bass and drums.
  • It acts as a portable charger for your cell phone with up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • It can be used as a cell phone stand which proves to be very useful while live streaming or video recording.
  • With Serafim Keybo app on your phone, you can adjust the brightness of keyboard and do many more things.

Why should you Buy it?

Serafim Keyboard all different modesFirst of all, you won’t find the virtual keyboard, piano and a portable charger all together in a single device. Moreover, its price is quite reasonable. Keyboard design is very accurate and designed in such a way that you won’t mistype. Above all, you can take it anywhere, anytime you want. You should definitely go for it if you are technology geek or even a music lover.


This amazing product is currently available on pre order basis at The price of the product is 79$, hurry up because they are offering discounts.

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