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SHARP launches Air Purifier with Plasmacluster & Dehumidifying Function

SHARP, the harbinger of some revolutionary and innovative technique of air purification, recently launched its new air purifier DW-E16FA-W. This product is inbuilt with patented plasmacluster ion technology which not only helps in air purification but also in dehumidification of the place where it is installed.

The air purification part consists of the plasmacluster, carbon filter and HEPA filter. The HEPA filter used here is true HEPA filter which helps in removing dust particles, smoke and pollens. The product contains an additional laundry function which is used in monsoons when the clothes do not dry properly. It works with plasmacluster technology which helps in getting rid of the smell as well as the mould from the clothes. Carbon filter helps in cleansing the atmosphere of the room.

SHARP-launches-Air-Purifier-techniblogicPoor ventilation, lack of sunlight and monsoons are the major factors which contribute to increasing the humidity which further results in proliferation of microbes causing suffocation and inconvenience to the occupants. This is where the dehumidifier utility comes into action. It helps in maintaining normal humidity conditions which are 40-50% in the room. If the user does not want to use a dehumidifier, the user can either switch to Deodorizing mode or standard Air Purification mode as per his requirements.

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The device has a range of 300sq for air purification and 240sq feet for dehumidification. SHARP’s DW-E16FA-W other features may include:

  • Eliminates VOCs & toxic gases
  • Removes pet hair & Staleness
  • Kills Virus/ Bacteria/ Mold/ Fungus
  • Reduces Static Charge
  • Removes Dust (PM 2.5& PM 10)

The device is priced at Rs.36,000. To escape from the scorching heat and humidity, SHARP’s new air purifier is what we need to live in a healthy and pollution free environment.

Aayush Dayal
Aayush Dayal
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