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Sleep tight with Futuristic Sunrise Smart Pillow 😴

You know what has affected the most by your busy life and busy schedule? It is your sleep. Nowadays people are so much involved in their hectic lifestyle that they themselves do not remember when the last time they saw the sunrise or sunset.

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Say thanks to technology, because in order to track your sleep routines and to give you a chance to create sunrise whether it be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. There is an innovative product SUNRISE SMART PILLOW. The Sunrise smart pillow is simple to use, its comfortable and wakes you up naturally.

How does the sunrise pillow works?

From ancient times it has been said that our bodies are designed to wake-up to the light. Sunrise smart pillow gently wakes you like nature intended. You will wake-up refreshed, and it will eliminate your laziness.

You can also adjust the type of Music or nature’s sound from the audiobook that you want to play when you wake-up because nothing provides peace better than music. You can also reboot the blue light technology used in the pillow after lunch if you want to maintain the positive energy. The dedicated sleep tracking app will keep a record of your sleep cycle, to offer you best relaxation time. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?


  • You can set your night and sunrise alarm with the sunrise pillow’s deep sleep technology.
  • This pillow can improve your body’s sleep and wake hormones.
  • The pillow has a sleep tracker, wireless music, and blue light technology.
  • There is inbuilt directional sounds, fan sounds, nature’s sound and an audio book.
  • This pillow also provides the facility of cooling technology and reading lights.
  • You can set your alarm to “sunrise with blue” and wake up extra alert.
  • It is made up of invisible light weight components.

Why should one go for a sunrise smart pillow?

Futuristic Sunrise Smart PillowIf you are tired of waking up with the help of ordinary alarm clock that always rings in the mid of deep sleep, you should surely buy sunrise pillow because waking from deep sleep not only affects your morning energy but also decreases your daily momentum. The sunrise pillow helps you start your day with positivity and that positivity will remain with you for the entire day and with that positivity, you will focus on your work and stay happy. Smile, please!


The product is available on indiegogo for pre-order. The price of Sunrise smart pillow is 129 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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