Smartbe Intelligent Stroller – The First Intelligent Baby Stroller

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

 A New York City startup is hoping parents with newborns baby will go gaga for its unique take on the baby stroller. Smartbe intelligent baby stroller of the new generation. It is an intelligent stroller concept that combines state of art technology with innovative safety features for your baby.

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The product is a revolutionary concept that fulfils parents and baby needs. Satisfying all US and European safety regulations, smartbe is poised to revolutionize the child care industry through innovation, minimalism and safety.

What it is Smartbe Intelligent Stroller?

Smartbe is a stroller that moves through an electronic motor. It is nothing but a hand- free smart stroller. It comes with a cut-out cord that connects the user to the stroller. Pretty simple.


  • It comes with an electric engine that will push the stroller.
  • It consists of sensors that will allow gentle turns around obstacles
  • It comes with a chargeable battery which can last up to 6 hours.
  • It has smart stop technology that will slow and brake the stroller automatically.
  • It also offers an assist propelled mode which is useful if you’re walking uphill or carrying heavy bags.
  • It can be controlled by the products smartphone app. These features include built -in baby rocker, temperature control, an electric feeding bottle warmer, wireless speakers and an anti-theft sensor. It is compatible with iOS and android smartphone smart watches.
  • It also has a webcam so that you can keep a check on your baby if you’re in another room.

Should I buy it?

Smartbe Intelligent Stroller - The First Intelligent Baby Stroller

Most parents wish they could take their nanny with them everywhere but now you don’t need to worry with smartbe intelligent stroller. It is uncomfortable to push an ordinary stroller but with smartbe you don’t have to push it. The frame of smartbe adapts to the position required by runners. It is a stroller that combines all the greatest technology to give parents and babies a better experience.


Early supporters who buy through will have to pay $399 for a stroller without the self-propelled technology and $2,750 for a self-propelled stroller.

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