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Solar Breeze – The Robotic Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner

The solar breeze NX is made by Solar Pool Technologies. The goal of this company is to cut down energy consumption by using solar powered products that make life easier and more efficient. The solar Breeze is a robotic pool cleaner that will make your pool cleaning much easier. It is an automatic pool skimmer that is solar powered and saves pool owners time and money.

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The Technology behind it?

The solar breeze NX operates freely using solar power and removes debris, leaves, dust and even suntan oils from the surface of your pool before it sinks. That reduces the amount of bacteria growth in your pool and lowering the usage of the pool pump. It floats on the surface of your pool collecting bugs, leaves and any other dirt and debris in a tray inside the unit; which is very easy to clean.


  • The solar breeze automatic pool skimmer is a smart robot powered by the sun and stores energy to run on cloudy days and nights.
  • It doesn’t get hung up in tight spots like behind pool ladders.
  • It is extremely eco-friendly as it keeps the surface of the pool clean without using any electricity.
  • Solar breeze reduces the pool pump usage, by removing debris from the surface before it sinks to the bottom means that less bottom cleaning and filtration is required.
  • There are no cords, hoses or attachments required.
  • The rear paddle wheel powers the unit through the water while the front paddle wheel scoops the surface debris.
  • It can carry solid chlorine tablets in its chemical dispenser.
  • The navigation features allow the robot to cover the entire surface of the pool to clean.

Should you buy it?

The Solar Breeze NX is easy to maintain. It doesn’t cost anything to run because it operates completely on solar power. It saves money and time of the user. Best of all, you don’t have to spend hours’ hand skimming the pool. It is worth the investment instead of manually skimming your pool every day.


The solar breeze NX is exclusively available on Amazon priced at $539. There are no shipping charges.

Pre-order Link

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