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Speak 80 Languages in Just 2 Seconds with TRAVIS Translator


Technology has helped mankind in several ways. We can say that it is a boon of technology that a device named Travis: the translator has been launched in China. It is a handheld, pocket-sized device that comes with a matching Android app. This device converts your local language into 80 different languages in just two seconds.

How do Travis works?

  • It works on artificial intelligence, i.e., this device learns as you speak. So the more you speak, the better it gets.
  • They use Google translation for some languages and translate other languages using apps from Microsoft, Systran, and IBM.

Travis the translator will be very much useful for the travelers, who wish to travel the entire world but fail to communicate with different regional people because of the diverse language barriers. This device can also be useful for business merchandise so that the goods and products can be sold through entire world as the sellers can now communicate with people in their language. Most importantly the device is easy to use, just one touch and you are done.

This device beats the Google translation app when it comes to battery backup. The battery of Travis lasts for 12 hours, so keep talking and keep communicating.

Features:Travis features techniblogic

  • High performance with quad core processor.
  • Crystal clear audio quality with patent-pending voice DSP dynamically boosted microphone and speakers.
  • Works both online (4G & WiFi) and offline.
  • Cooperates with your privacy concerns as it works with earphones for private talks.


Start-ups like this are mostly not available in public stores. but still, you can buy the device, which is available worldwide with a shipping charge from Kickstart.com. The retail price of the device is 199$, but you can buy in less since they are offering a discount.

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