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Staying alive in the Telecoms Industry

Gone are the days of ISDN telephone lines and analogue telephone lines running over copper for voice calls. Now that most VoIP calls are going over the internet, I thought I would write a quick article on how I see the telecoms industry at the moment.

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All businesses, both small local firms and major organizations, rely on communication. The world of business communications is changing at a rapid pace, thanks to advances in technology.

Selling VoIP phone systems seems to be a race to the bottom as phone systems are sold cheaper and cheaper, which benefits small businesses. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for independent telecom companies to have a thriving business in the industry. 

In order to survive, we have been focusing on custom solutions to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

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Businesses can now get a vast range of telephony features and functions available for a minimal price. I have listed below the custom solutions that help us stand out. 

Staying alive in the Telecoms Industry 1

The Telecoms Industry’s Scope

The telecommunications sector as we know it is changing due to the introduction of recent technology and devices. This means that for Telecom companies to remain competitive and relevant, they must adapt, alter, and improve. Agility is critical for the telecommunications industry’s future success, and it necessitates telecom operators to look beyond connection and complexity to new development prospects that provide end-to-end solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Telecommunications is one of the world’s most dynamic and fast-increasing sectors. However, the industry has suffered a loss in revenue in recent years, which is mostly due to increased market rivalry, changing company and customer expectations, as well as the impact of digital transformation and the inability to adapt quickly enough.

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Cloud-based technology will continue to be used by businesses for security, convenience, and to reduce environmental impact.

Business communications, like every other industry on the planet, is in constant flux. We are already observing trends toward a new future in corporate communications. A greater focus on cybersecurity, more usage of cloud services, integration of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), enhanced smart technology, and 5G internet are among these trends.

Focusing on custom solutions, this is what Intouch Communications can offer:

Here at Intouch comms we supply 3CX, Telco Switch, BT/Daisy’s HVS phone system at very reasonable prices.

It is our priority to offer bespoke services for every customer.

However, to survive in this industry we feel we need to adapt for the future. Whereas the standard phone systems will always be our bread and butter we are now focusing on unique telecom solutions that people require.

  1. Local Presence Dialling – Some examples of this are presenting a local caller ID to match the destination that you are phoning automatically. Local Presence Dialing shows real local phone numbers and intelligently routes call-backs to the appropriate agent. Eventually this leads to greater consumer pick-up rates. 
  2. TPS Checker – Another example is our TPS/CTPS checker which picks up whether the customer you are calling is on the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) or CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) register. Remove the burden of needing to review the TPS registered calls on a monthly basis.
  3. Intouch Mobile – We also offer a service called ‘Intouch mobile’ where we will never leave you unsatisfied. We have the greatest network sim for you because we are associated with EE. Our sim card is available in two flavours: solo service or integration with your existing phone system to simplify telephony. Without requiring an internet connection or a mobile app, InTouch mobile gives you all the extra capabilities of a VoIP phone system.

The features of Intouch Mobile are: 

  • Phone System Features on your Mobile
  • Receive Landline Calls to your Mobile
  • Welcome Messages for your customers
  • Out of Hours Messages
  • Call Customers using your Landline as the caller ID
  • Take calls on your mobile wherever you are in the world
  • Ability to Record your telephone calls
  • Call Reporting to see how busy you have been
  • Voicemails Sent to your Email
  • No internet connection or Mobile App required
  • Superfast 4G/5G Mobile Data Add-ons
  1. Custom integrations – A customer wanted to have a drop-down tab on their CRM software, if they assign the customer as a high priority then it will put them in a queue for their high-profile customers, this will allow the customer’s calls to be answered quicker and get support as soon as possible. 
Staying alive in the telecoms industry
  1. Network call queuing – Here at Intouch, we provide a network call queuing solution that allows you to queue calls in the cloud. For example, imagine a doctor’s surgery that has loads of patients waiting on the phone to book an appointment. Our solution stops all these queues from clogging up their phone lines and instead of being held in the cloud on the network which then drops onto the phone line when you are ready. 

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If any of these solutions interest you, you can check Get Intouch and contact their experts!

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