Facts You Never Knew About Streaming Services

Best Netflix Subscription Plan
Best Netflix Subscription Plan

Streaming service usage during the pandemic year of 2020 rose to soaring heights. People that have cable are slowly turning their services off and switching to streaming, and live streaming, companies. Grand View Research claims that by the year 2028 streaming will grow to $223.98 billion in net gross. The younger generation watches more streaming events than the older ones, but it is said that ¾ of American households use at least one streaming service.

Netflix is probably one of the biggest streaming services. In 2007 they started moving their service from online DVD sharing to streaming movies online, with a subscription. What many people don’t realize, though, is that Netflix was not the first company to stream.

Best Movies to Watch on Netflix

Back in 1995 RealNetworks live-streamed a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. It was not as well known, or as popular, but it was started as soon as computers were able to play them. Netflix was the company that caused the huge boom of streaming. The other companies such as Hulu and Disney that followed have started what is now known as the “Streaming War”.

The move towards streaming was the main cause of stores such as Blockbuster being forced out of business. Once movies and live videos were made available to the public, droves of people began streaming, instead of taking the time to go to a store. The companies that did not get on the streaming bandwagon faded into history as technological advances made computers and mobile devices that allowed consumers to watch anything that they wanted while at home, or on the go.

Streaming Services

One of the facts you never knew about streaming services is that they are not only used for personal use. Businesses all over the world are starting to use platforms that allow them to have meetings, learning seminars, sales pitches, and even job interviews. 80% of today’s marketing professionals say that streaming services are an extremely important aspect of business, according to 4cInsights.

Companies have begun to rely on streaming. Executives can be oceans away from each other and stream live feeds to discuss their needs. This saves on travel expenses while allowing them to continue running their business on-site.

As with everything that moves society forward, there is a huge downfall. Rolling Stone’s author Jon Blistein has estimated that the greenhouse emissions from streaming, just in the United States alone, is a damaging 200 to 350 million kilograms per year. As the amount of streaming goes up, the damage to the Earth will increase. Advances in streaming technology may lower this number soon, but for now, the damage is being done every day to the atmosphere.

Streaming is an advancement that people from all over the world are taking advantage of. The days of trying to watch a scratched disc are over. Trying to load a game with a CD repeatedly on different machines is no longer a stressful situation because of downloadable versions.

People play games together from different locations through live streams. Business travelling expenses can be budgeted towards new and better software instead. The future will hold even more technological breakthroughs in the streaming industry, making the last few people of the older generations give in and move towards these convenient online services.

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