SuperStartUps : India’s Best Startup Awards 2017

SuperStartUps : India's Best Startup Awards 2017

SuperStartUps India’s Startups awards is here. Yes! You heard it. The event started today in New Delhi, and the list of Winners have been released. The best Startups Awards have been decided, and the fun part is that there was no jury or committee to decide. So, how did they come up with India’s best Startups? Well, they simply asked the audience.

It sounds crazy but it is real. The people of India have voted with more than 15,000 reviews and 1,00,000 random questions, answered on a different scale on the SuperStartUp official website, an organization that has successfully provided a differentiating factor for all the companies it has honored in its 15-year stint in India.

The organization selected 6,000 eligible startups to compete in the race of India’s next big SuperStartup. Basically, whoever wins this title, will have the privilege to get the investor as quickly as possible. Which is going to help their organization to achieve new endeavor.

Shivjeet Kullar, Head of Super StartUps awards said, “India is fast rising as the startup destination in the World. With the rapid expansion of the startup culture in the country; it becomes imperative to identify and acknowledge the brands who not just have taken the offbeat route; but are continuing to chase their destination differently.

So, here are a SuperStartUps list of Winners:

  1. Melorra
  2. Monexo
  3. Transcell
  4. PropTiger
  5. Canvs
  6. Cloudacar
  7. Clayplay
  8. imithila
  9. Vaayu India
  10. Medisponsor
  11. Innov8
  12. ExtraCarbon
  13. Zivame
  14. Licious
  15. Rentickle
  16. Milkbasket
  17. Khanagadi
  18. Drivify
  19. IndusOS
  20. Rxpress
  21. Housejoy
  22. Sheroes
  23. Schoolwear
  24. Squareyards
  25. Orahi
  26. Byjus
  27. World Art Community
  28. Faircent
  29. Dogsee Chew
  30. Parentune
  31. Bluestone
  32. Shopclues

All these Startups are solving some or other problems in the real world. Some are from Medical Feilds, and some are from Consumer Level Solutions. All these Startups are very perfect in their own field. So, if you have any questions related about any of these startups Let’s know in the comment section down below…

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