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If you are using an iPhone or iPad and even an Android device, you may have heard about people syncing their exchange GAL with their gadgets and more. Well, if you have been wondering what this entire fuzz is all about, you’ve come at the right.

First things first, let’s define what these terms mean before getting into details about how you can sync GAL to iPhone, iPad, or Android. Here is what these terms mean:

Sync is a term used by email providers, a tool or way that works by comparing all email folders in your email from clients. Moreover, the device sometimes works by comparing your email folder with an app on your email servers where you can see which emails need to be saved, deleted, or moved to messages and other folders like spam and more.

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Now, by doing this, either you’re working individually or with a company team, sync ensures you have a perfect option to keep track of your email leads and more.

On the other hand, the GAL or global address list refers to an electronic shared address book that houses people of a given organization, phone list, company’s team list, and more. For a better understanding, a GAL address is like an address book over your computer, laptop, or mobile device that works over a network using LDAP protocol or CardDav or through other electronic means.

Now with the GAL address list in your device’s exchange server, you will be able to house the contact data from your mailboxes and contacts of anyone you want. GAL can be searched online from any device. Moreover, because searching data offline is hard, you can have your GAL address entries fetched by syncing and bring your contacts list to your Android, iPad, and iPhone mobile device.

 How to Sync your Exchange GAL with iPhone or iPad And Android

With this process, you can retrieve your phone numbers, addresses, and profile pictures stored in your device’s active directory. Best of all, sync works with your devices exchange serve 2010 and 2013 versions and works perfectly with mobile office 365 online exchange server versions.

Now, suppose your mobile device wants to sync with your user’s Outlook contacts folder. Still, in that case, you don’t have access to a built-in way to sync your global address list {GAL} to your employees’ phones, or you want to sync your device to a public folder containing contacts of important people. As such, here is what you can do:

Ensure your mobile device has access to tools like the epicenter server; with this tool, you will be able to have your phone give your users their local copies of your address book. Once you have this tool or any other you can find that does the sync work excellently, you and your users will have access to your mailboxes in the outlook section with all contact numbers synchronized.

 Additionally, this tool will ensure your device changes deletions, and even the entire mobile’s changes will automatically be applied to keep your contacts updated. For instance, you will authorize what to control or delete, which is an excellent way to ensure your device supports only contacts and emails you deem vital for your needs and delete the rest, especially spams and ads. Better yet, syncing your GAL with the epicenter tool does not require any additional software installation on your phone or any other device like a computer.

Available tools you can successfully use to Sync your Exchange GAL with iPhone or iPad And Android

Because Google’s operating systems are known to have brought a significant change in how we live and carry out our daily activities with our mobile devices and more, Google does not provide some of the protocols in the native operating systems most mobiles come with it. Due to this reason, syncing your GAL will need you to install an app that enables communication with your phones’ PeopleSync.

 Better yet, the app to be installed always comes with excellent features for synchronization, such as Auto discovery, which helps configure the device’s serve settings automatically. Alternatively, the app also has third-party Android apps that you can use for CardDav and LDAP. As such, tools you can correctly use to Sync your Exchange GAL with iPhone or iPad and Android are:

  • Itrezzo

This is one of the established tools for sync Gal for the last decade. It allows uses to perfectly sync their GAL to their mobiles by leveraging active sync and mailboxes.

  • NetSec

This one allows a variety of sync solutions. It ensures users can sync their device’s active directories, GAL, contacts, and more.


Therefore, if you have had issues with syncing GAL to iPhone, we are sure that you have learned a lot. For any questions, leave a comment, and we will assist you accordingly.

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