Take you Smart Personal Assistant Anywhere you want with Plen Cube

Assistant anywhere you want with Plen Cube

We all are indeed familiar with drones that act as a personal assistant, but now we have another technological marvel to add in that category; PLEN CUBE. The PLEN CUBE is a small palm sized, portable personal social robot. Plen Cube features a camera and automation skills, plus you can carry this device with you wherever you go.

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How do the Plen Cube works?

In order to set Plen Cube up, just push a button and your Plen Cube will start working. You can customize your settings, services and devices, using the Plen Cube mobile app and use IFTT or the developer API to create custom automated actions.


  1. Plen Cube can amalgamate your device and web services making them simpler to use and automation.
  2. With plen Cube’s smart camera you can also capture moments that tracks your wave and motion.
  3. This device also gives weather information. Photos and videos sharing is also possible via Bluetooth and WiFi features available and you can also hear the music.
  4. The hand’s free camera follows your movements.
  5. You can also use voice commands to take a photo or video.
  6. Plen Cube can even rotate 360° to take a panoramic photo

Why should one go for Plen cube social robot?

Assistant anywhere you want with Plen Cube

If you are always in need to know weather reports or your appointments, fitness stats, news alerts, social media and etc. and etc.  then you really don’t need to hire a personal assistant, because for this kind of chores the PLEN CUBE is best. It will serve its best by becoming your personal assistant and will also follow you to the places wherever you go.


The product is available on the site of kickstarter.com. The price of PLEN CUBE is 199$. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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