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TCL launches its latest AI x IoT products in India

TCL has today launched multiple devices along with the first hands-free AI Android TV. It is a Google certified television and can be controlled using voice assistant. The AI android TV can also be controlled by TCL App and hence the users don’t need a remote control to turn on the television. You can switch channels or control the volume via the app, directly. TCL has also launched an AI-driven air conditioner and an app to control the new devices.

Features and Price of TCL smart TV:

  1. The android TV comes under the C8 series and is available in two different sizes – 55-inch and 65-inch priced at Rs 49,990 and Rs 69,990, respectively.
  2. Both the models operate on Android 9 and they come with Onkyo speakers that support Dolby Atmos for better audio quality.
  3. The panel of the TV supports up to 4K video quality with HDR Dolby Vision for better color reproduction.

Features and price of TCL AI AC 

  1. AI-driven air conditioners come with ultra-inverter technology which helps save energy and is designed for the Indian climatic conditions.
  2. The TCL AI AC is equipped with a high-density filter and silver ion filtration technology that maximize air purification removing by bacteria.’
  3. Users can connect AI ACs to Wi-Fi and give voice as well as in-app commands to control temperature and other functions
  4. The 5-star, 1.5-ton AC is priced for Rs 40,990. The 3-star, 2 ton AC is priced for Rs 41,990 while 3-star, 1.5-ton model has been priced at Rs 31,990.
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