Telegram messenger Launches Channel Stats with its latest version

Telegram launches Group Chat extension for Channels

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application and it has recently released its 6.0 version along with various features for their users. The latest version of Telegram focused on enhancing users chat experience and Channel performance monitoring.

The recent update comes with a feature called Channel Stats for channels carrying more than 1000 subscribers. The feature will help the admin to monitor a channel’s growth and performance based on multiple parameters like language, new followers, views on the post, new interactions, notifications, etc.  The admin can access the graphical representation of the data for the desired period of time. The data collected then can be analyzed in order to monitor the channel’s performance. This feature will help the creator/admin to grow the channel in a more defined and organized manner.

The 6.0 version comes with a chat experience feature that includes Chat Folders, Pinned Chats, Archived Chats, Desktop Synchronization feature, and Sidebar feature.

  1. Chat Folders: This feature helps the users to segregate the work-based and personal chats. Users can swipe between tabs to easily find and access any specific chat that they are looking for. The feature gets automatically enabled if the list is long enough and cluttered to manage.
  2. Pinned Chats: Each chat folders have an unlimited number of Pinned Chats. Set your priority on your own!
  3. Archived Chats: The feature helps to save some of the selected chats, which a user wants to hide, or not to place in front with other chat windows. The Android users need to long press, and the iOS users can simply swipe left for archiving the Chat.
  4. Desktop Synchronization: The feature allows the user to take care of extra space in the desktop interface that can be used with the sidebar to easily recognize the icons for folder management.

Not only chat experience and Channel performance monitoring feature but the latest telegram update an exquisite set of emoji and animations for video & voice-based messages.

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