Tenda AC10 Wireless Router – Cheapest Dual-Band Router with 300m Coverage Area!

Tenda AC10 Wireless Router - Cheapest Dual-Band Router

Tenda is a Chinese company that manufacturers very low-end wireless routers. For the people who have a low budget and who don’t want to connect a USB device to their wireless router, Tenda AC10 Wireless Router is the perfect option for them. This Tenda Dual-Band Router will cost you about 48$ which is very good with respect to it features. The main Feature I like most is the coverage area, as we all know any wifi router biggest issue is it’s coverage range. But in this Wireless router you will get good Coverage area.

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It is a dual-band 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi high-performance wireless router with faster-transferring speed that has been designed for more than 200M optical fibre and the data transfer speed can be increased to 1167 Mbps. The advanced MU-MIMO technology is adopted to improve the network utilization rate which distributes the data flow evenly. The device supports multi-device communication with four 5 dBi high-handed antennas that has stronger network signal and faster surfing speed. It has beamforming technology which improves the capability of penetrating walls.


The device has been shaped into an alluring look having the matte finish all over it. It is equipped with a system button indicating whether the router is turned on, WAN button showing whether the connection to the internet works, LAN button indicating whether you have PCs connected through Ethernet cables and WiFi that indicates whether the wireless broadcast is turned on or not.

Tenda Cheapest Dual-Band Router with 300m Coverage Area

It has 3 LAN ports. On the back side of the router, there are four Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which is used for the connection to the internet. Therefore, there are only three available for the local network. The router automatically reboots itself at every night. In addition, four high-gain antennas can bring you wider coverage and better performance. Perfect option for home, office and other places! It can be mounted on the walls.

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For the convenience, users can download the Tenda WiFi mobile app from Google Play Store that is responsive and easy to use. The user interface is available in English and Chinese. The package will have the router, the power supply, the user manual, the warranty card and a short network cable.

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