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Text and Call without screen with this ORII Smart RING πŸ’

In this ever-changing world, smartphones have become the part of our daily life. We have become addicted to texting and calling. But in the process we hardly interact with the surrounding, everyone is busy with their mobile phones without noticing the people around. And in this hassle and bustle, there are few devices that may help you to socialize more.

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I would be exciting if we can tell you that you can call, text and do so much without even checking your smartphone over and over. Well, ORII is a total screen free method to text and call. The device is nothing but a stylish and efficient ring that turns your hand into a phone.

How does it work?

ORII uses bone conduction technology to hear the voice audio which is received from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

Bone conduction technology means that the ring transmits sound vibration to your fingertip so that when you press your ear, you can hear the audio. To use ORII,Β  tap on its button, touch your ear and talk. The presence of Google assistant and Siri makes it value worthwhile.


  • It is splash proof.
  • ORII lets you hear and talk clearly even in loud places.
  • One can send message discreetly without letting anyone else hear the message.
  • You can customize your ORII notifications via ORII app.
  • ORII can be charged by a portable charger.
  • With ORII, one can easily do real-time translation without looking at the screen.
  • It is available in three different colours options.

Why should you buy it?


With ORII, you can not only quickly text or call but also perform various tasks with the help of voice assistant. Like setting reminders or alarms, translation in real time has never been easier.

The bone conduction technology is risk-free and poses no threats to your health. This technology is even used in medical-grade hearing aid devices. Thus ORII helps you to break from your screen and communicate without looking over the phone, making you more socially appreciable.


So far the device is available on the pre-order basis at Kickstarter.com and the price is 99 USD. Hurry up, because they are offering discounts.

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Aayush Dayal
Aayush Dayal
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