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The ArchiSketch Will Help You Re-design Your Interior 🏠


A smart product is always the one that minimises your work efforts, it could be anything home assistant, Google or this one particular device specially made for interior designers. The ArchiSketch, the idea for this product emerged when their team was building and designing homes for the underprivileged. It’s very handy to use and it automates all the works be it measuring or modelling for your interior designing purposes within a few minutes.

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How it works?

You can attach the device to your smartphone and then by turning on the app, mark the corners of your room. After this has been done, the device will calculate distances between each corner and automatically generates a 2D, 3D and VR model in minutes. Using its web editor you can furnish your space quickly.


  • Includes a 3D space scanner, Web Editor (3D Home Planner) and VR preview.
  • Paired with a free cloud-based proprietary software.
  • Generates professional 2D and 3D floor plan within minutes.
  • Intuitive, easy and automated.
  • Provides 3 ways of measuring – Laser Measurement (to calculate a distance between you and the object), AR measurement (to calculate a distance between any two objects) and Space Capture (to measure any space 3-dimensionally for auto-generation of 2D and 3D floor plans).
  • Can easily import and export 3D files from/to Archisketch.
  • Measuring range between 0.03 – 40 m and measuring time up to 3 seconds.
  • Uses a Class 2 654 nm laser and has an accuracy range between -3 – +3 mm.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.

Why you should buy it?


ARCHISKETCH is very easy to handle. It measures the space, draws a 2D floor plan and a 3D model with ISO view (in a few minutes) which when done using the professional way takes approximately 7 days. The existing solutions are expensive, slow and limited in functionalities but this device comes along with loads of stuff to do which can help you in renovating or furnishing and decorating your interior.


The product is a crowdfunded startup Kickstarter.com. The price of Archi Sketch is just 119 USD, so hurry up and pre-order your Smart architecture. They are also offering discounts.

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