The Lampster – A Smart Lamp with Attitude

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude

No doubt that in today’s era technology has become so advanced that everything can be controlled just by mobile through a mobile application or by touch. LAMPSTER is yet another device which is a sort of table lamp with 120 LEDs controlled by mobile and by touch.

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LAMPSTER can be considered as the coolest lamp ever. It is made out of tractor headlights and has a custom painted body.

How do Lampster works?

LAMPSTER head to turn on the office light, touch again to set the intensity. When using the LAMPSTER for the ambient light you can use the RGB LED to set any tone you want, all controlled by your mobile device. It will work with every app for controlling RGB LED. For outdoor, combine the two LED lights and get a powerful light for outside the house whenever you have an outdoor party.


  1. The lamp is made up with recycled materials, thick glass and head of the lamp is made of metal.
  2. The light temperature, light intensity and light colour are adjustable.
  3. The head of the lamp is also adjustable and can rotate 360°.
  4. The lamp also has thick tangle free power wire with extra protection layers.
  5. There are basically three styles of Lampsters available in the market: army, artsy and zombie.

Why should one go for Lampster?

The Lampster - A Lamp with Attitude

Be it student or any other person who needs to work or study during night, lamps are the basic need of every individual so we recommend you to choose the smartest technology available in the markets. And when it comes to smart and lights then LAMPSTER is considered the best.

Also, if you want the clear focused light for the office you can go for LAMPSTER. You can also adjust the light temperature, giving you the perfect combination of cold and warm.


The product is available on the site of Indiegogo, the price of LAMPSTER is 199 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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