The List of Hidden Costs Attached With Mobile App Development

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If there is one question that arises even greater times than the mobile app ideas that hit the market, it is How much does mobile app development costs.

While the answer to the question generally lies in an It Depends, there are still categories you can analyze to guesstimate the mobile app development cost range that an entrepreneur will have to incur to launch their mobilized solution in the market.

The categories and factors that have been shared in much detail in a number of extensive articles all over the internet. Now, while these highly descriptive articles on How much does mobile app development costs explains the contributory factors and their associated costs in much detail, what they generally miss on are the hidden costs that one will have to incur.

Yes. There are a number of expenses that you will have to bear over and above the usual mobile app development primary costs.

In this article, we are going to look at the list of those hidden costs that you will have to be wary of.

So, without further delay, let us get started with the cost elements that you will have to consider to get an exact idea of the app development cost.

All the hidden or rather less discussed cost elements of mobile app development can be divided into four parts, namely:


These are the services which are needed to offer specific necessary features and functionalities in the mobile application.

Here are the services that fall under this category:

A. Push Notification

It is completely impossible to imagine an application that does not have the option to send a push notification to the thousands of its users. Push notifications are one of the most important ways to market your mobile app to new users and to re-engage users that have for some reason or the other abandoned your mobile app.

B. eMails

eMailers, again, are a very important part of any mobile app marketing and promotion strategy. They can prove to be an excellent mode to engage users and convert prospects into loyal consumers. Now for something that is so useful, it is only obvious that it would come with a cost

C. In-app Chat

Chatbots have positioned themselves to be one of the most efficient methods to keep the users interested in the mobile application along with giving the image that yours is an all-time available mobile app.

Now until and unless you are investing in an app development company that also excels in the creation of chatbot, chances are that you will be making use of third-party chatbot services – something that again comes with an attached cost.


Having an effective, intuitive administrative dashboard should be the aim of your mobile app. After all, the more convenient an administrator feels, the greater the ease with which the users would also work. Here is the list of elements that while making the dashboard more effective, also becomes a name in the list of hidden costs.

A. User Profiles – The more the user profiles, the more would be the cost

B. Content Management

C. Data Segmentation

D. Dashboard Emulator


These costs generally revolve around data management and storage of information coming in from millions of users across the world in real time.

Here are the elements that become a part of the list of infrastructure based costs that a mobile app entrepreneur will have to incur:

A. Data Storage

B. Web Server

C. Development Tool, Account, Support, and Library

IT Support

There are three factors that add up to the list of charges associated with IT support of a mobile app – Updates, APIs, and Bugs Correction. These costs while can be slightly on the higher side, can have a huge impact on how your mobile app performs in the stores and on the devices of the million and eventually billion users who are active on your application on an everyday basis.

So, here were the four categories and all the involved hidden mobile app development charges that you will have to incur and add on in the total money that you have kept aside for your mobile app project.

Do you think we missed something? If you have something to add on, let us know in the comments section below.

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