The Nixie – World’s First Wearable Drone Camera

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A program which is called Make It Wearable (MIW) Challenge was launched by Intel around a year ago. The program was aimed at creating some unique wearable devices of or for the future. Its final event was organized on 2-3 November and ten teams of enthusiastic and young individuals were selected to develop the next big thing in this field.

there are lot of time when we are alone no friends no family members with us and we are doing something which we just want to capture within the camera and make the moment live forever in the camera as a video or a still picture but we wont be able to take it as no one is near by to use the camera accordingly.

So this wearable drone which is The Nixie for those only. The main function of drone is, you can wear it as a wearable on your hand and as you will give the command to the drone to fly and take a video or the still picture it will take off from your wrist and will start following you buy taking the pictures and the video by adjusting the frames, doing some balancing and focusing tricks and clicks your picture and returns back to you obediently. There is no requirement of any of the friends or any family member to make them stand with the camera and say them to make the video or to take the still picture of you.

image- Intel

The best part of this wearable will be it will be a cool looking awesome band which we can wear and can take pictures or record videos accordingly we want at any place at any time without the help of any one.

In the program, Team Nixie has earned $50,000 funding and with Intel’s support this can become a reality someday.

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