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The Perfect Solution for Hearing Loss πŸ‘‚ – Nuguna Neckband

Hearing loss, also known as hearing impairment is a partial or total inability to hear. According to a survey conducted, it is clear that presbycusis is the third most common health problem in the US and it can affect the quality of your life and relationship. Just to help people with hearing disorders, we have a technically advanced device named NUGUNA NECKBAND. It is designed to detect high pitched sounds and informs the user to its direction.

How does Nnuguna Neckband Works?

The built in microphone measures the surrounding noise. If the sound has a higher pitch than the level is set on the left Side. If the sound has a lower pitch than the level is set on the right side. Basically, both sides of the NECKBAND indicate the direction of the sound through the vibration.

You can connect the NUGUNA NECKBAND with your smart phone through a mobile application. You simply have to turn on the neckband then go for the mobile application installed on your smartphone. Scan through the app until it gets paired with the neckband and then go the settings option and set the threshold as low as possible, so that it is sensitive to hear. You can also change the intensity and number of times vibration takes place.

Features / Specifications:

  1. Not only these neck bands keep wearers safe but also allows them to connect and socially engaged through the social media alerts, notifications, phone calls and messages.
  2. The indoor sounds like the voice of doorbell, microwave alarm, ringtone etcetera and the outdoor sounds like sounds of car horns and bicycle horns can be perceived through vibrations.
  3. From USGS survey conducted, it is also noticed that NUGUNA NECKBAND can provide natural disaster alerts.
  4. The battery charging time takes less than 40 minutes.
  5. The battery after being charged last for around 50 hours.

Why should one go for Nuguna Neckband?

The Perfect Solution for Hearing Loss


Many people who go through hearing loss problems find awkward in wearing hearing aids. So, these NUGUNA NECKBAND keeps the wearer safe, engaged and aware. It also looks stylish and allows users to be aware of the environment through the vibration alerts.


The product is available on the site of kickstarter.com. The price of Nuguna Neckband is 108$. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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