The Sunpack Backpack will Charge your Device in a Jiffy

Backpack SunPack: A backpack with removable solar charger

Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Due to the increase in demand for electricity, energy cost is rising steadily. Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas is a non-renewable source of energy which means that they cannot be replenished in our lifetime. To save these fossil fuels from being worn out, we must rely on a renewable source of energy.

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Well, we know that turning the world to adopt renewable energy is not a banal task, but you must from something. Recently, an eco-friendly device grabbed our attention; SUNPACK. A product from kickstart that uses solar energy to charge your devices. You can use SunPack to run electrical devices such as tablets, mobile phones, smartwatch, GPS, and other USB gadgets.

How does Sunpack Backpack work?

The solar panel on the SunPack is detachable and slips into its own compartment, when not in use. When you’re outside then you just have to flick it to the magnetic patch on the front of the backpack in order to secure it and keep it in place. Both the patch and the panel come with road safety reflectors, allowing the backpack and its wearer to be visible in low-light conditions. The panel connects to the USB outlet on the bag, allowing you to power any of your gadgets or even store the power for later in an external power bank.


  1. SunPack backpack features integrated 3500mAh battery in the backside of the 3W solar panel.
  2. SunPack backpack is equipped with password lock to help prevent theft and keep your wallet and other items inside secure while travelling.
  3. The SunPack solar backpack has compartments for all your office essentials be it pens, notebooks and external hard drives, or documents, your passport, keys, USB drives, cables and laptop chargers.
  4. The SunPack solar backpack is made up of durable water-resistant material.
  5. This pocket of SunPack is designed to protect your card’s information from stealing with blocking material of RFID shielding technology.

Is it worth it?

SunPack: A backpack with removable solar chargerWith Sunpack solar backpack you will not only conserve renewable source of energy but you’re also going to save money. It may save your life someday when you’re in your favourite trekking spot and lose all the power. If you have SunPack, you can charge your phone and can call for help.


The product is available on the The price of Sunpack is just 59 USD. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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  1. Being a motorcycle commuter everyday this gadget is very useful. No matter how large the battery is but in the end you always need to recharge. Good post once again Ankita 😉

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