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Times are tough currently; even though the recession is V-shaped unemployment is still taking a heavy hit. There are different tech that Helps Startups Get More. Those who have found employment recently may have found it through jobs with low job security, like zero-hour contracts, which analysts are suggesting is masking how bad employment figures should be. Now might not feel like the best time to launch a startup, but look back to the ‘great recession’ of 2008 – it spawned WhatsApp, Groupon, Uber, Instagram and more amazing unicorns for whom the low-time of an economic crisis meant more time to incubate their innovative products. If you have that great idea, the following technology means that you will have more help than ever on your startup quest.

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Remote Work Tech

If you need to get some extra help to bring your idea to life (you surely won’t possess all the skills to do it alone), you are blessed with the large amount of communication tech that exists nowadays. It’s easier than ever to manage a worker who is based remotely; whether they’re in a different state or a completely different continent, there will be tools (many of which are free) to help you. Video communications, as well as work management tools, help you to stay in close contact with those you trust to bring your idea to life.


Demat Account

Accounting software is a lifesaver for the entrepreneur who isn’t too familiar with the complex requirements of accounting. Not only does a whole host of accounting software exist, but there are also many different price points ranging from free to very expensive – so you will be supported as your company grows. Accounting software means you save a lot of money that would have gone towards accountants, allowing you to keep as lean as possible and direct that spare cash towards growth.

Human Resources

Small companies almost always can’t afford to hire a human resources department, but while this used to mean that the founder has to handle everything on a day-to-day basis, there are now all-in-one HR Software solutions that mean an HR department isn’t even necessary. Even complicated endeavours like onboarding, managing employee records, time-off requests, exits from the company and more can be handled with HR software. What’s more, good software will always be updated, so you comply with any necessary HR regulations like workplace discrimination laws (e.g. Americans with Disabilities Act), wage and hour laws and employee benefits laws (like the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective direct marketing techniques; building a newsletter and delivering great content or attractive offers is an important part of nurturing prospective or past customers. Email marketing services can offer high-level marketing abilities and often have free plans with premade templates, sign-up forms, audience segmentation and more. They allow you to create great and professional-looking templates, even if you have no design skills. You should also be able to get basic reports about how your subscribers are interacting with your emails – how many open them, click the links inside them and more.

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