‘The Third Thumb’ Will Give You New Strength to Work

'The Third Thumb' Will Give You New Strength

Science and technology has given several gadgets and devices that has helped mankind in several ways. Be it a smart gadget or a robot or even medical technology. As such technology got in limelight recently, a prosthetic bionic finger made for extra efforts in work. In order to demonstrate, how the human body reacts to the wearable prosthetic technology, designer Dani Clode created an artificial finger “The Third Thumb Project”.

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Third thumb project basically involves an artificial thumb that gets easily attached to your hand and is controlled by your feet. It is an extra finger that coordinates in daily tasks like holding the coffee mug and playing the guitar

How does it work?

The Third thumb replicates the opposing movements of the human thumb by using two motors pulling against the natural tension of a flexible 3D printed material. These motors are controlled by the sensors added into your shoes and these sensors communicate to the thumb via Bluetooth. Pretty amazing isn’t it?


  1. The parts in the Third thumb are all connected by a Bowden cable system.
  2. The base working model design of the third thumb is made of three main 3D printed parts.
  3. The current third thumb design as a starting base for a lot of future adoption of aesthetics.


'The Third Thumb' Will Give You New StrengthThe device is a part tool, part experience and part self-expression; a model by which we better understand human response via artificial extensions. It instigates an essential conversation about the definition of ability. So far the technology and the advancement is spectacular. I’ll surely try for once.For more details, Click Here.

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  1. very interesting and practical invention and that guitar player is most use out of it!!

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