4 Things to Keep You Entertained through Bad Weather

Things to Keep You Entertained through Bad Weather

The coldest time of the year is quickly approaching, and that means more days when you won’t want to go outside to face the bad weather. If you’re stuck at home all day with nothing to do, the hours can quickly drag on. Whether you’re on your own or trying to entertain a few children who are bored at home, it can help to keep a list of ideas to stay entertained.

4 Things to Keep You Entertained through Bad Weather

1) Watch an Old Movie

It might seem evident that watching television or putting on a movie is the first thing you’ll think to do when stuck at home, but if you’re getting bored of what you’ve been used to watching lately, then it’s time to try something different. Get out that old box of VHS tapes or DVDs and find an old favourite you haven’t watched in a long while. If you’ve already purged your old media, try out a new streaming service.

2) Read a Book

If you’re an avid reader already, this suggestion will probably already be on your mind. In that case, pick out a new book that isn’t on your to-read list and see how far you can get in a day.

A stormy day is a perfect opportunity to rediscover your love of literature for those who haven’t already caught the reading bug. Reading might seem like a chore when you’re out of practice, but when you hit the right kind of book, it will become even more enjoyable than watching your favourite television show or movie. The main thing to remember is that it’s all about finding the perfect kind of book to suit your tastes.

3) Enter an Online Contest (Or a Few)

If you’ve already worked your way through all of the usual entertainment and are eager for something new, there’s a way that you can spend some time while working your way towards extra earnings. That’s because you can enter online contests to give yourself a chance to win some valuable prizes. During a story day indoors, you can make your time worth more by entering several contests to increase your chances of winning.

The best course of action when you’re interested in maximizing your chance of winning is to find a website like Contest Scoop that collects many online contests in one place. This way, you don’t have to waste time searching for things like

  • The Kinds of Prizes You Want
  • Reputable Contests
  • Those Available to People in Your Local Area

Instead, a trusted website will ensure that you find all of these things in one place.

4) Play a Board Game

A board game is a valuable way for those cooped up together, or anyone looking for new ways to entertain children, to share some fun. Some games, like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, can be educational for kids while entertaining. Other games can provide prompts that help family members reconnect and get to know each other better than before. If you’ve got a stack of old board games that’s been collecting dust, then a stormy winter day is the perfect prompt to break them out.

The main thing about being bored while stuck at home is to remember that the feeling can quickly pass as soon as you hit the right kind of activity to help pass the time. Then again, the right kind of activity for you might be the one that can yield big rewards. If so, start your day by trying out an online contest.

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