Things to know about Smartphone Camera: Triple Camera, Is it better?

Smartphone Camera: Triple Camera

Nowadays, lots of high-end smartphones have added multiple camera modules and lenses to the back of their smartphone, obviously for better photography. This triple setup combined with the phone’s image processing software work most of its magic. Different camera modules and lenses are better at different objectives of photography. If dual camera can make photographic experience better, why not synthesize the output of three cameras, so that each one can contribute its particular advantage?

Working of Triple Camera

Smartphone Camera: Triple CameraThree cameras work for three different purposes. There is one lens, which focuses on phase detection autofocus. The second lens work for the portrait shot and provides quality picture. The third lens having the ultra-wide sensor that helps when you have to fit a super wide object or scenery into one frame.

Is it better?

We can see triple camera setup has already produced some impressive results in Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10. We might see more phones with this setup, as it is giving an amazing result. More cameras mean it has impressive shooting options and greater flexibility. We can take better wide-angle shots and higher resolution photographs with the help of a triple camera smartphone. It gives better results in low light and HDR. A triple camera is needed to cover all bases as it has grasped a lot of attention.

My thoughts

Best iPhone Apps for PhotographerTriple camera setups are good enough, but it also depends on the brand, which provide a better high-grade lens. The triple camera definitely provides you with better photography experience. Now you don’t have to save money for DSLRs anymore because your best camera can be the one, that came built into your phone.

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