Things You Didn’t Know Copiers Could Do


Programming in Specific User Rules

Actually, programming the office copier to adhere to rules that will govern how the copier is used is one way of monitoring its daily use. This means that in the long-term, it can save a company money on paper expenditures that may be exceeding what the company has established as a budget for copier paper as well as toner and color cartridges. Many offices will use this tool to set the copier to a default where any printing is done is automatically done in black and white instead of color.

Begin a Document Workflow Chain

Many copiers on the market today including ones like the Konica Minolta photocopiers are being touted as all-in-one workstation devices. This means that there is no longer the need to use several different types of copy machines, scanners, invoicing software, archiving, and digital processing of paperwork. Now, it can be done on just the copier without having to wait to get work back from another department or assistant. Now, every stage of the content process can be done in-house and on with one copier.

Economize on Correspondence

Oftentimes, part of the workflow process is sending multiple entities different copies and versions of the same content. With copiers, this can be done simply by pressing a few buttons to scan the content and then sending it in several different forms if needed, and to different email addresses:

  • Scan to Cloud-sourcing email groups set up in advance
  • Scan to multiple businesses all at once via company group email
  • Scan to archives within your company

This also greatly economizes on the amount of actual paper that is used for copying since it will dramatically cut down on the amount of inter-office correspondence done by a manual paper trail as well as save time in sending manual copies to other businesses for immediate delivery of content.

Full-Bleed Printing

Many marketing companies rely on their content leaving a lasting impression for maximum potential for sales campaigns. In order to get the full measure of opportunity to do this, copiers today have a function that allows for what is referred to as full-bleed printing. This means that there is no need to take your initial draft of a design to another department or service that has a production printer. Simply use the fusing system within the copier that “melts” the color beyond the usual margins of content and your design will print all the way to the edge of the paper you have chosen.

Set Security Perimeters

Many copiers are overused, abused, and used by individuals who sometimes do not even work at the company who are simply visiting the premises. If a company is small and needs to count every penny, setting up a secure copying system will alleviate any unwanted use of the copier. This means assigning PIN numbers or security cards with magnetic tags that have to be scanned before the copier will have the ability to be used. Even home copiers can be set up with this security feature.

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