Thinking About Your Own App? These 3 Tricks Will Make It Perfect!


Tricks That Make Mobile Apps Shine Like The Sun!


There’s really an app for anything today. Too many for a single person to realize the scale of the problem! Yeah, we all know the stats: more than a million of applications is available on the App Store alone. Same can be said about Google’s Market.

But those are simple numbers that don’t mean anything to a person who only uses so little. So here’s a fine example of how big the problem actually is – we have a dedicated calculator to measure how much the Tooth Fairy should pay for your kid’s teeth. We don’t have to worry about how much goes under the pillow anymore – there’s an app for that! Now you are getting it.

So what makes some applications shine while others rot in oblivion? What makes us, users, to only use a handful of solutions? Their quality!

App quality is of the essence!


We have a lot to choose from today in terms of software regardless of whether it’s free or premium. Statistically users never launch an application after as little as two crushes. If particular software glitches are slightly close to irritation – an app that has them is as good as dead.

Quality assurance specialists know all about it as they are a software testing company. Sadly there’s already too much of young developers and entrepreneurs whose amazing ideas have failed because of poor realization. It’s time for that to stop. We have a solution!

Here are 3 simple QA tricks anyone can follow to succeed with an app!

  1. Don’t divide to conquer. Unless you have a dedicated QA team with a lab filled with real devices – don’t be the Jack of all trades. Choose a single niche where you are great at. Use a single language and just one device to test an application. There are plenty of emulators that can be installed to test compatibility and responsiveness.
  2. The first few minutes of experience are the most important ones. Prioritize installation, registration of an account, login functionality and the home screen to ensure people are using a friendly solution from the start. Your app’s first impression will determine whether a person will be willing to put up with minor defects and nuances. Make it count.
  3. Someone’s been there. Someone’s done it. Feel free to borrow available test cases and user cases from similar projects. There is a wide variety of friendly testers in the community who share these things on GitHub or forums or wherever. Look some ideas up and it will save you a lot of time.

But, most importantly, ensure your app is something you would love to use. That’s the only real key to success. But you already knew this one, right?

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