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Tile introduces a powerful line-up with a Tile for everyone


Tile is the world’s leading lost and found community that has now launched a new hardware line-up in India inclusive of internationally recognized trackers which includes stickers, slim and pro. These new generations of Tile products offer greater functionality and convenience to help the users to find their belongings. The new line-up by Tile is powered by the Global Tile Community. With these finders, tile has made it easier for the users to find items by consistently expanding the Bluetooth range and volume level of its hardware devices.

Tile Stickers:

  1. Sticker is waterproof, adhesive-backed and Tile’s smallest finder to date.
  2. With the help of the partnership with 3M, tile designed the adhesive for stickers. It lets the users to get assured that once placed on a clean, flat surface, stickers will stay put.
  3. Sticker is a cost-effective and effortless tracking solution.
  4. It comes with a full three years battery life.
  5. It enables users the convenience to track their items without restrictions.
  6. Stickers can be attached to most of the metal and plastic materials, like on remote controls, cameras, and outdoor gear.


The tile stickers are available at Amazon.in. 3999/- for a pack of two; 7999/- for a pack of four. The stickers are available only in Black color.

Tile Slim:

  1. Tile Slim is in the shape of a credit card. It is a new low-profile premium design and can easily slip into narrow spaces. It is a perfect fit for wallets, luggage tags, and other hidden spots.
  2. It is a powerful with a longer 200-foot range and twice the volume of the previous Slim.
  3. It comes with a full three-years of battery life.


Tile Slim is available on Amazon.in for Rs. 2999.  It is available in black color.

Tile Pro:

  1. The Tile Pro models come in an extended range. It enables users to locate things faster no matter where they are.
  2. It features high performance, durability, and strong design.
  3. It is a globally renowned tracker that deliver as the most powerful finder on the market with an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 400 feet.


Tile Pro is available on Amazon.in for Rs. 3999. It is available in black and white colors.

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Tile introduces a powerful line-up with a Tile for everyone 1
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