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Be it a serious relationship, a marriage partner, or a casual hook-up that you are looking for, the modern-day dating apps have them all to offer you based entirely on your preferences. Tinder has undoubtedly been a game-changer, it has redefined the world of dating in the 21st century. ‘We met on tinder’ is now the new alternative for ‘we met at a bar’ or ‘we met at a concert’. Tinder has made it possible to interact with new people, be it through mutual connections or random pairing. But, if you are looking for a dating app which is not Tinder, congratulation! You’ve landed at the right place.

In this article, we have shortlisted the Best Tinder Alternatives. These apps have changed the way we meet online, especially during these pandemic days where it is unsafe (also advisable) to visit public places, finding partners could be difficult. So, worry, not! There are countless apps to provide you with the same Tinder-like services. Below are some of the best alternatives to Tinder.

Best Tinder Alternatives 2024

1. OkCupidOkCupid-Best-Tinder-Alternative

OkCupid is the app for all. Online dating can sometimes be a horrible experience for non-binary people. OkCupid is highly liberal and gender-inclusive in that sense, it allows you to set your preferences, it also allows people to set their own pronouns so that no one is forced into choosing pronouns that they are not comfortable using. You get matches based on who you are and what you identify as.

This app is designed for meaningful relationships, it requires the users to fill a really fun questionnaire that helps the system to know your likes/dislikes and preferences, based on that, their algorithm checks your compatibility with other user and suggests you your potential match. You can also use filters to browse through profiles.

Install: Android | iOS

2. HingeHinge-Best-Tinder-Alternative

If you are fed up with temporary love and are looking for a serious relationship, Hinge is the best app for you to choose. Matches on Hinge are slightly different from what you find on Tinder, along with the photograph, users are also shown certain parts of their profiles. Matches are made by liking or commenting on the specific part of the profiles of another user.

So, this app really makes you analyse the person through their profile before actually starting a conversation, pushing people to make a wise choice. Hinge lets you see who like you, that too for free.

Install: Android | iOS

3. Happn


Have you ever randomly seen someone on the streets and instantly fell in love? If you are looking for long term relationships rather than casual hookups, this app is for you. This app literally makes it possible for you to connect with a stranger whom you may term as your love-at-first sight.

This app is also for those shy ones who don’t dare to approach someone directly in public and hence are looking for online alternatives to do so. You also get alerts whenever there is a potential match near you. It just makes the dating game a whole new experience.

Install: Android | iOS

4. AisleAisle-Best-Tinder-Alternative

Aisle is an Indian app. To start using Aisle, you need to connect to your LinkedIn or Facebook account, however, just like Tinder, no information would be posted on your LinkedIn profiles. Aisle requires you to answer a really comprehensive questionnaire, so the data provided by users provides an insight into their personality.

You can use filters to choose profiles. Aisle is paid, so it makes it highly likely for you to find individuals looking for serious relationships, rather than casual hook-ups or a one-night stand.

Install: Android | iOS

5. BumbleBumble-Best-tinder-Alternative

Bumble has changed the norms of dating and proposing. We have often seen men making the first move, and women holding themselves back despite having strong feelings for someone. Bumble is for the bold ladies, who are all set to break the glass ceiling and be the ones making the first move.

If you are a woman and have used Tinder, you may have come across dudes with nasty comments and inappropriate language/tone. Such things can definitely set moods off, and in extreme cases, over a while, it can impact women psychologically as well. Bumble hence eliminated these problems and has made the dating experience equally enjoyable and convenient for women. Bumble really pushes women to step out of their comfort zones and be the ones taking charge.

Install: Android | iOS

6. GrindrGrindr-Best-Tinder-Alternative

Grindr is very similar to Tinder in it’s functioning, but what makes it different is that it is strongly designed and developed for gay, bi, queer and trans people. If you are non-binary, Grindr is the best way forward. Online dating can be harsh for people who are not straight, and hence Grindr is that one platform that connects like-minded people so that they have an equally enjoyable online dating experience that any other straight men or woman can have on apps like Tinder.

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7. Plenty of fish

People on Plenty of fish are the ones having varied interests ranging from the ones looking for marriage partners or serious relationships to casual hook-ups. The user audience is huge, as it is one of the first few dating apps. The signup process on this site is quick and easy, and it hardly takes a minute for one to complete the personality test. You can check who viewed your profile, that too for free.

Install: Android | iOS

8. eHarmonyeharmony-Best-Tinder-Alternative

eharmony is the first dating service provider app. It uses a scientific approach in finding compatible users. They make use of a compatibility matching system technology that makes use of 29 different dimensions to match single men and women, so, if you get a match on eHarmony, you are more likely to find yourselves compatible with each other than you had imagined. This makes way for long-lasting and serious relationships. So, if you are tired of going on Tinder dates and finding out how un-compatible you are with the person, eHarmony is the best choice for you.

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9. Skout


If you are in search of a very straight forward dating or hook-up app that ensures your security is taken into strict consideration, then Skout is the best option for you. It ensures that inappropriate or offensive content is deleted and taken off. This app is not just for those looking for potential partners, but also for those out there wanting to make new friends. Recently, Skout also made available the live broadcasting feature, which makes it even easier for people to find your profile. This feature helps in effortlessly making new connections.

Install: Android | iOS

10. Truly Madly


If you have been in search of an Indian dating app, then Truly Madly is the best choice. It is specifically designed for the Indian audience. What sets Truly Madly apart from Tinder is the feature called “Spark” that allows its users to send a personalised message to a person they liked, even before they liked you back. Because there is a serious issue of fake profiles on online dating apps, Truly Madly combats this problem by using trust scores.

A user is assigned trust scores, which can be increased by verifying their LinkedIn, Twitter profiles, as well as the phone numbers provided while signing up. Another good thing about this app is that the photos and videos that the users upload are screenshot proof, hence reducing the chances of someone misusing your pictures or videos.

Install: Android | iOS

11. Coffee Meets BagleCoffee-Meets-Bagel-Best-Tinder-Alternative

The essence of this application is this: every day, male users get a list of girls. Next, the guy can swipe to the left or right – to put like or dislike accordingly – and tell the application what kind of girls he likes. Then the application sends information about the guys who swiped to the right, to the girls. Thus, both sides get a qualitative selection of matches.

Agree, this is much more interesting than a thoughtless, infinite swipe, as in Tinder. The only significant drawback of the application is that you transfer the right of choice to someone else. You seem to have less control.

Install: Android | iOS

12. DownDown-tinder-Alternative

Surely you dreamed of having sex with one of your friends. Surely you thought that you could never tell anyone about it. But the creators of Down app also thought about it and now your dreams have come true. Thanks to this application, you can announce your desire to go on a date with someone from your friends, or even offer to have sex. Sounds cool, does not it?

However, the application has one nuance: it offers you a list of all your friends from Facebook (with the status of a single, of course), even those who do not use the application. So, in the end, it’s a little pointless.

But who knows, suddenly you will be lucky and finally, you will have sex with the best friend of your ex? It’s worth it to try!

Install: Android | iOS 

My Thoughts

Online dating apps have become very popular in modern youth. Apps like Tinder have been game-changers. However, the reason why most of you read this article is that we do realise that Tinder doesn’t offer you everything you need. Some are in search of just hook-up and one-night-stand relations, others are seeking lifetime partners. Hence there is no one-size-fits-all app that we can expect. You may choose an app that suits your interests.

As per my analyses, OkCupid is one of my favourite apps on the above list. Dating as experience should be feasible for all, OkCupid in that regard is a very liberal app. The best part about it is the fun and unique questionnaire, it is not boring to answer, but at the same time, it is also very insightful. Your matches are based on your preferences, so the guessing-part which is involved in apps like Tinder is minimised here.

If you have any app suggestions that you think we should add to our list of Best Tinder Alternatives, please feel free to drop a comment, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you like our content, please do bookmark our website and stay tuned.

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