Tips to Make Your Macbook Last Longer

Make Your Macbook Last Longer
Make Your Macbook Last Longer

Even if you have purchased a Macbook, expecting it to last forever is a bit too much. Before you know it, there will be some problems with the performance, and if you are not prepared beforehand, you are bound to struggle. Therefore here are some tips to Make Your Macbook Last Longer.

There are quite a few things to take note of, and if you are looking to create a strategy that will help in the near future, the tips below ought to be of great help.

Tips to Make Your Macbook Last Longer

Tip #1 – Upgrade to SSD

Older Macs will not come with a solid-state drive. The upgrade should be one of your priorities, especially if you have some extra money to spare. SSDs will improve boot time significantly. They are also sturdier and less noisy. Overall, a solid addition that will make things for the better by quite a lot.

Tip #2 – Add RAM


If applications you use are heavy memory consumers, adding extra RAM should also be in the list of things, you need to prioritize. There are a lot of cheap RAM options, so even if you are on a tighter budget, finding an optimal option should still be possible.

Tip #3 – Free up Disk Space

Lack of disk space happens to a lot of Mac users. The issue may not be that noticeable at first, but if you are not careful, it will become a major problem later on.

There are different types of data that you need to remove consistently. And it is not like you can do everything manually without any problems. For instance, if you want to clear “other” storage and similar types of files, it would be more effective to get yourself a cleanup utility tool.

As for other methods of freeing up disk space, you can also remove useless applications, old downloads, and email attachments, unnecessary language files. Putting some data in clouds or external storage devices, as well as subscribing to streaming platforms, will also lessen the burden of your hard drive.

Tip #4 – Restore Mac’s State

Reinstalling the OS every year ought to be a good idea if you are not overburdened with different files that need backing. Keeping things fresh every year is a sure way to keep the system in check and functioning with as few hiccups as possible.

Tip #5 – Update the System

System updates should take priority, even if they may take longer than you expect. There is no reason to risk potential threats attacking the system. You will also be able to enjoy the most recent features and not experience potential issues stemming from the lack of updates.

Tip #6 – Be Conservative With the Charger

The charger is not going to last for a long time if you have it plugged in constantly. The accessory of your computer should also be used following a certain set of rules.

If you are having a lot of issues with the battery life, it may be that something is wrong with the battery itself, not the charger. Take it to a repair store if you cannot prolong the battery life yourself.

Tip #7 – Optimize the Browser

Some internet browsers are notorious for their memory and other resource consumption. If you are using the internet all the time, at least make sure that your browser is in good shape.

The good shape includes keeping the number of active extensions and add-ons reasonable. Clearing the cache and only using one browser tab at a time will also help to keep things in a better situation.

Tip #8 – Scan for Potential Viruses

Scan for Potential Viruses
Scan for Potential Viruses

Even if your computer is for personal use and not related to work, there is still a chance that you will have

Tip #9 – Clean Dust and Dirt

Do not let all the dust and dirt inside get out of control. The strain it puts on internal hardware, especially the fans, can be too much, and it will only be a matter of time before you have to deal with big consequences.

In case you are uncertain whether you can clear everything yourself, take the computer to a service store and let the professionals handle all the work.

Tip #10 – Disable Visuals

Visuals are nothing other than battery life and resource consumers. Pragmatic users disable visual effects as soon as they launch a computer for the first time. If you are looking to prolong the lifespan of the battery and the computer itself, do not hesitate and disable the effects.

Tip #11 – Clear the Desktop

Clear the Desktop
Clear the Desktop

Desktop clutter is not going to help, especially in the long run. The more files you have on the desktop, the more resources it will take. Keep things to a minimum. In fact, you should not have any files on the desktop period. Each icon is rendered when you switch between any tab and the desktop. Imagine what it does to the system after hundreds of switches throughout the day.

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