Top 10 MUST HAVE Apps for Students 2017

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Smartphones have extended their use almost everywhere. But who would have known that smartphones can not only be used for entertainment purposes but also for learning stuff, for youth or teenagers? Studying is an essential activity and the internet is loaded with tons of study materials. In order to provide an effective growth to students, here we are going to roll you up through the top 10 apps which are a must for all students.

Top 10 Apps for Students

  1. BYJU’S – The Learning App

This app contains video lectures by some of India’s best teacher like Byju Raveendran. It helps students from various fields as it covers syllabus from class 6-12 Maths & Science to competitive exams like JEE, AIPMT, CAT & IAS. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. 99 Pencils

With 99 Pencils, you won’t receive any study material or lectures. 99 Pencils are quite different as it helps students who are planning on taking admission in a college or getting to know about the surrounding where they’ve taken the admission. This app contains various segments in which you can find hanging out places near you, cutoffs in various colleges and career path which is best for you. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. PhotoMath

PhotoMath uses the mobile camera to take pictures or any written mathematical problem and returns the result with step by step solving procedure. Thus who would have known, lengthy mathematical problems could be solved just by a click. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. Math Tricks

Mathematical calculations are quite a hectic tasks but there are several tricks using which one can easily solve tedious problems in a minute. Math Tricks is one such app that helps you to learn several methods and approach through which you can solve complex mathematical operations quickly. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. My Study Life – School Planner

This app is basically a sort of planner or scheduler for students, teachers or lecturers. It helps you to maintain a time table about your academic life i.e. your classes, assignments and exams. It helps you to add reminders, tasks for due assignments or revision classes. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. Grammar Practice Ultimate

This app helps you to enhance your grammar skills. It works on improving your elementary concepts like use of tenses, prepositions, etc. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. Meritnation – CBSE ICSE & More

This is another great app by Meritnation which will help you to make your base strong in your subjects. It has study material and live video lectures for classes from 6 to 12 as well as it has NCERT solutions for CBSE board. It is very helpful for competitive exams and contains a huge stack of previous year papers & sample question papers. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. PhyWiz – Physics Solver

If you find solving Physics numerical a tedious task, then this app will surely amaze you. PhyWiz covers over 30 physics topics and helps you to find the answer to your question. You can also practice with more than 300 free physics questions. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. Chemistry Calculator

Chemistry Calculator helps you to easily calculate or give a reference for facts on elements. With it, you can calculate the molar mass of a compound, find out empirical formula using the percentage composition of the elements, etc. You can Download this App from HERE.

  1. Complete Biology

If you have taken Biology as you majors, then this app will surely help you a lot. Complete Biology focuses on more than 35 topics of Biology. It contains tutorials, formulas, dictionary, possible exam questions and uses diagrams for the better explanation of the topic. You can Download this App from HERE.

Whether you’re a science student, preparing for medicals or engineering or commerce side, you will surely find an app here which is suitable for you. Thanks for hanging out with us guys, stay tuned for more update. Also feel free to share your experiences with these apps in the comment section below.

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