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Top 5 Best Apps for Bachelors Living Away From Home

Just moved to a new apartment? Or are you looking for a comfortable house? Or maybe some furniture or clothing? There are various Apps for Bachelors on the PlayStore that can help you find rooms, roommates, furniture of your choice, property and also many kinds of fashionable clothes for various events on rents. These applications come very handy to the users when in need, and we know it’s getting the needle from the haystack when you’re on the mission of picking a single app in your limited data.

Here are the 5 Best Apps for Bachelors

So, we thought to take a look and simplify things for you guys, that’s kind of what we do here.


[appbox googleplay com.furlenco.android screenshots]

Furlenco is an app from where you can get furniture on rent. This app is basically for people who don’t want to spend time, effort and investments in buying furniture and then reselling it later, as reselling expensive furniture are time-consuming.

With the help of this app, you can choose lots of furniture of your choice as furlenco has user-inspired furniture designs. The monthly rental of the furniture is also affordable. Also, there is a free and quick delivery of furniture, free cleaning services and also helps you with the free relocation of your furniture when you move to a new place. The only cities where the Furlenco is active are Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Noida.


[appbox googleplay com.commonfloor screenshots]

Common floor app helps you to find a property that is convenient and affordable. It also helps you in finding houses and flats for sale and rent. You just have to post your requirement for sale on rent of property or apartment through the app and make it visible to millions of sellers and buyers.

The all-new common floor app offers an intuitive experience to property buyers. The presence of a wide array of filters helps to refine and enhance your real estate search and find the exact property you are looking for.


[appbox googleplay com.roomster screenshots]

This app is useful in finding roommates, rooms, flatshares and flatmates. Living together can be a brilliant living experience and a great way to save money. In order to use this app, you have to use Facebook login and create your profile and update roommate preference. This app is the best way for people to utilise their extra space and make it available for the people who are in need and is willing to live in a share.


[appbox googleplay com.snaponrent screenshots]

Snap-on rent is yet another application that can be useful to people who live on rent. Snap-on rent allows you to rent bikes, DSLR camera, gaming accessories, party items, adventure gears and so much more exciting stuff. People can also list their own products and earn money as well through this application.


[appbox googleplay com.flyrobe.android screenshots]

FlyRobe is an online store that helps people to get clothing accessories for rent. Using this App you can rent clothes for special occasions. It provides you with the best of international brands and designer wear for a fraction of MRP when you need to dress up for an event. This app features a range of various products for both men and women.


Although we are fascinated with all these applications, we’ll also recommend you try them out at your own risk, who knows all these apps are just an April fool prank or something. Well, thankfully this is not a prank and Yes we are kind of down with these applications. The one most unique app is FlyRobe and Snap On Rent where you literally rent anything. Furlenco is also good for furniture renting and their service is also satisfactory. That’s all for this guy, stay tuned for next update.

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